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Real Android Installs


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Real Android Installs


Guaranteed delivery

100% Safe & Private

Refill Guarantee

24/7 Support

Real Android Installs


Guaranteed delivery

100% Safe & Private

Refill Guarantee

24/7 Support

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The process to buying Android installs from Likigram is simple!
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How to Buy Android Installs

If you need to get more app downloads on android but you don’t know where to find them, then we can offer you Likigram Android Installs services. Follow this guide and increase installs for your application in no time and for reasonable prices.

  1. Visit Android Installs Generator page
  2. Choose a package with the number of how many installs you need. We can deliver from 1000 android installs and up to 100000 android installs. What is more important, we can do it instantly or as drip feed.
  3. Choose the mode how you want to deliver the downloads. You can switch it to instant delivery or schedule installs for 24-48-72 and more hours.
  4. Choose GEO targeting of the installs. We can offer you USA android Installs, UK android Installs, Canada android installs, Australia android installs, Germany android installs, etc.
  5. Choose pay per installs mode if needed and enter the exact number of installs you want to get.
  6. Choose the rating for your application. We can deliver 5 star ratings on google play.
  7. Choose whether you want to receive a bot or non bot install.
  8. Choose whether you want to receive incentive or non incentive install.
  9. Enter the correct link to your application on android.
  10. Proceed with payment method. You can choose Paypal, Credit Card, Crypto, Skrill, QIWI, other e-wallets.
  11. Get confirmation Email and the order ID.

The best place to buy Android Installs

Likigram is the best place to buy installs on android in 2020. We have all needed tools, targeting and provide reasonable pricing for our packages. Buying Android installs is not an easy walk as of 2020. Most issues with Android installs services is the number of offers on the Internet. There are dozens of pay per download services that are ready to deliver you the installs. But let us choose the best one. First off, you need to follow this guide and check if you have everything included:

  1. Do they provide instant android installs?
  2. Do they provide pay per install packages or custom packages?
  3. Do they provide drip feed mode of delivery?
  4. Do they provide GEO targeting?
  5. Do they provide language targeting?
  6. Can you buy android installs with paypal on their services?
  7. Do they have reliable Trustpilot rating?
  8. Does this website have active support and reply to your questions?

Note, Likigram contains everything you need to boost your application on Google Play.

Can I get banned for buying App Installs?

No you will not, Millions of people are using social media marketing agencies to buy App Installs to rank higher in Google Play store.

Is it safe to buy our Android App Installs?

Yes, it's 100% risk-free, Our service is full safe and secure for you.

Do Android Installs Matter

Sometimes developers and marketing specialists wonder if the android installs even matter? The quick answer is of course they do. First of all, it is about the reputation of your application. Second, it influences ASO and overall ranking on Google Play. The more downloads you get the better outcome you reap. Getting more downloads will eventually increase your sales and profit.




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