Corona Virus COVID19 Global Map

Corona Virus Updates and News with COVID Global Map

Maintain Social Distancing, Stay on Social Media

In the time of a global epidemic it is paramount to follow instructions and guidances of health institutions and your local governments.

At Likigram we strive to inform our users about the state of the Coronavirus disease and what eveyone of us can do to stay safe and minimize the spread of the infection. This is why decided to upload an interactive map of the COVID-19 pandemic developed by Johns Hopkins University. This map will allow you to monitor and be informed about the status of the disease spread in your country. We also post links to important guidances developed by the World Health Organization, please visit this link to learn how to protect yourself and others:
Please remember that fighting the coronavirus depends on every single one of us. Therefore, following instructions and orders from your local govenments is critical. Mantain social distancing, be safe and stay on social media.

COVID-19 Interactive World Map
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