AML Policy

Last updated: December 11, 2018

Likigram Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Policy (hereinafter - the "AML/KYC Policy") is assigned to anticipate and alleviate potential dangers of Likigram being engaged with any sort of criminal behavior.

Both international and local regulations require Likigram to execute compelling interior techniques and components to avert illegal tax avoidance, psychological oppressor financing, medication and human dealing, multiplication of weapons of mass obliteration, defilement and pay off and to make a move if there should be an occurrence of any type of suspicious action from its Users.

AML/KYC Policy covers the following matters:

  1. Verification procedures.
  2. Compliance Officer.
  3. Monitoring Transactions.
  4. Risk Assessment.

1. Verification procedures

One of the global benchmarks for counteracting criminal behavior is client due determination ("CDD"). As indicated by CDD, Likigram builds up its own confirmation strategies inside the norms of hostile to tax evasion and "Know Your Customer" structures.

1.1. Identity verification

Likigram's character confirmation methodology requires the User to give Likigram solid, autonomous source reports, information or data (e.g., national ID, global identification, bank proclamation, service bill). For such purposes Likigram claims all authority to gather User's recognizable proof data for the AML/KYC Policy purposes.

Likigram will find a way to affirm the credibility of records and data given by the Users. Every single lawful strategy for twofold checking recognizable proof data will be utilized and Likigram claims all authority to research certain Users who have been resolved to be dangerous or suspicious.

Likigram maintains all authority to check User's personality in an on-going premise, particularly when their recognizable proof data has been changed or their action appeared to be suspicious (bizarre for the specific User). Also, Likigram maintains all authority to demand state-of-the-art records from the Users, despite the fact that they have passed character check previously.

Client's distinguishing proof data will be gathered, put away, shared and secured carefully as per the Likigram's Privacy Policy and related guidelines.

When the User's personality has been verified,Likigram can expel itself from potential lawful risk in a circumstance where its Services are utilized to direct criminal behavior.

1.2. Card verification

The Users who are planned to utilize installment cards regarding the Likigram's Services need to pass card confirmation as per guidelines accessible on the Likigram's Site.

2. Compliance Officer

The Compliance Officer is the individual, properly approved by Likigram, whose obligation is to guarantee the successful execution and implementation of the AML/KYC Policy. It is the Compliance Officer's obligation to administer all parts of Likigram's enemy of illegal tax avoidance and counter-fear based oppressor financing, including yet not constrained to:
a. Gathering Users' ID data.
b. Building up and refreshing inside approaches and strategies for the finishing, audit, accommodation and maintenance everything being equal and records required under the pertinent laws and guidelines.
c. Observing exchanges and examining any noteworthy deviations from ordinary movement.
d. Executing a records the executives framework for suitable capacity and recovery of reports, documents, structures and logs.
e. Refreshing danger evaluation consistently.
f. Furnishing law implementation with data as required under the material laws and guidelines.

The Compliance Officer is qualified for connect with law authorization, which are engaged with avoidance of tax evasion, psychological oppressor financing and other criminal behavior.

3. Monitoring Transactions

The Users are known not just by checking their personality (what their identity is) however, more critically, by examining their value-based examples (what they do). In this way, Likigram depends on information investigation as a hazard evaluation and doubt discovery instrument. Likigram plays out an assortment of consistence related errands, including catching information, sifting, record-keeping, examination the executives, and announcing. Framework functionalities include:

  1. Daily check of Users against perceived "boycotts" (for example OFAC), totaling moves by numerous information focuses, setting Users on watch and administration refusal records, opening cases for examination where required, sending interior interchanges and rounding out statutory reports, if appropriate;
  2. Case and record the executives.

With respect to the AML/KYC Policy, Likigram will screen all exchanges and it claims all authority to:

  1. guarantee that exchanges of suspicious nature are accounted for to the best possible law authorization through the Compliance Officer;
  2. demand the User to give any extra data and archives if there should arise an occurrence of suspicious exchanges;
  3. suspend or end User's Account when Likigram has sensibly doubt that such User occupied with criminal behavior.

The above rundown isn't thorough and the Compliance Officer will screen Users' exchanges on an everyday premise so as to characterize whether such exchanges are to be accounted for and treated as suspicious or are to be treated as true blue.

4. Risk Assessment

Likigram, in accordance with the worldwide necessities, has embraced a hazard based way to deal with battling illegal tax avoidance and fear monger financing. By receiving a hazard based approach,Likigram can guarantee that measures to avoid or relieve tax evasion and psychological oppressor financing are proportionate to the recognized dangers. This will enable assets to be distributed in the most proficient ways. The guideline is that assets ought to be coordinated as per needs with the goal that the most serious dangers get the most noteworthy consideration.




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