Instagram Updates 2019


All Instagram Tricks and Updates in 2019. You'd better know them...

We have compiled a list of the most recent updates that Instagram has integrated lately. Learn about all the new features that Instagram has prepared for its users.

Instagram constantly evolves as the number one social platform. It may include changes not only to the Instagram features but to the privacy policy as well.

  1. Instagram Algorithm Changes

The last update on the Instagram Algorithm was released in the summer of 2018 and confused many business accounts with the new challenges it imposed on a severely competing environment.

In this new 2019 Instagram algorithm update we are expected to have changes made to the feed and the posts you see daily. Now, the importance of posts will be based on the following ranking factors:


But what this means exactly for all Insta users and influencers? Again, the new Instagram algorithm is designed to bring to the audience fresh content they are interested in from the peers they are following. In the days before the update, Instagram users only saw approximately half of what their friends and family posted. Today, the feed of an average user will include 90% of creative content coming from close friends and relatives.

So, in order to remain on top of the feed list with the new 2019 Instagram algorithm change, you have to develop a strong bond with your Instagram Followers.

  1. Instagram Shoppable Stories

The second Instagram Update is dedicated to Products that can be purchased instantly while you are viewing Insta Stories from your favorite brands.

This a handy feature for the business and user alike, since it helps both sides to enhance the shopping experience and make swift purchases online. Visually it looks as a sticker with a shopping bag in an Instagram Story which can display additional info and price about the product.

For businesses, this brings the level of interaction between the target audience to a new level and make immediate profit form the most popular social media platform in the world. Although this feature is available only for a few companies at this moment, Instagram will allow more entrepreneurs to use Shoppable Stories.

  1. IGTV Update

When speaking about Instagram Updates it is impossible not to mention Instagram TV. One can call IGTV as a proportional answer to other social platforms that integrate video content. Although Instagram allows you to record short 15 second Insta Stories, IGTV let’s you upload one hour long videos. And unlike Instagram Stories, IGTV Videos don’t get deleted in the future. So you don’t need to worry to collect all the precious views in one day.

Since IGTV is one of the major Instagram Updates of 2018, will are offered with a variety of channels that will brings us even more unique video content.

  1. Sharable Feed Posts in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have long become creative tools to bring fun and creative content to the attention of your followers. This is the reason why Instagram decided to expand the functionality of Insta Stories further by allowing Brands to share previous feed posts in their Stories as well.

This is a great way to remind your followers of the content that was posted previously during the day. Any Story will link back to the original feed post and will include the poster’s username.

It is extremely simple to use the feature, simply tap the arrow icon under your feed post, click on “Add post to your Story”, customize, and send. Don't miss a chance to be aware of the lattest news from Instagram - read blog and find out more!

  1. New Instagram “Explore” Page

The new Instagram “Explore” Page has been updated and now will display features that you are interested in. These include “Topic Channels” and a custom “For You” channel based from the content you wish to receive.

The Explore section is a useful tool for marketers and influencers to reach out to potential followers and your target audience.

  1. New Stickers Updates

Our final Instagram update is dedicated to the “Question Sticker“. The question sticker allows followers to ask questions for you to answer on your IG Stories. This feature has become a fun way for users to interact between themselves.

This update will be also useful for Companies and Brands represented in Instagram. The Question Sticker offers a way to interact with followers and customers through live Q&A sessions and develop a close dialogue with your target audience.

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