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Real ios Installs


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Real ios Installs


Guaranteed delivery

100% Safe & Private

Refill Guarantee

24/7 Support

Real ios Installs


Guaranteed delivery

100% Safe & Private

Refill Guarantee

24/7 Support

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How to Buy ios Installs

In 2020 many developers and marketing professionals are interested in how to purchase real ios installs. As an application has released it comes turn for marketing. The key metrics in the App Store is an install. How many installs your application gets will eventually affect the overall statistics yet the SEO and ASO of your webpage and application. So, if your application is not another rockstar netflix or angry birds, then you need the paid installs. You may follow this easy and clear guide on purchasing authentic non-bot installs:

App Store Installs for iOS Apps

  1. Visit Likigram the ios Installs Generator
  2. Choose a package from 1000 ios installs and up to 1000000 ios installs
  3. Choose a payment method. Note you can buy installs with Paypal
  4. Enter the valid link to your application on App Store
  5. Choose the mode how you want to generate installs. Note that you can deliver them instantly or as drip feed
  6. Choose geo of installs. Note that Likigram offers USA ios Installs, UK ios Installs, Canada ios Installs, Germany ios Installs, etc.
  7. Choose an incentive or non incentive installs
  8. Proceed with payment and get the order ID

As the payment is processed and you have the confirmation via Email you may just have a cup of tea and see how installs are generating.

The best place to buy ios Installs

As of 2020, there are plenty of websites and businesses on the Internet that offer real and bot ios installs. Sometimes it is even difficult to choose the right place purchase installs for ios. It happens simply due to the enormous number of propositions on the Internet. But how to choose the best installs delivery service in 2020? Let us follow this simple and clear guide.

  1. See if the app installs service operates for at least one year
  2. See if this service have wide range of packages
  3. See if this service offers Paypal as a payment method
  4. See if they have Bot and Non Bot Installs
  5. See if they have Incentive and Non Incentive Installs
  6. See if this SaaS has an active support and replies to your questions
  7. See if this website has good overall rating on Trustpilot and other rating services

We can assure you that Likigram meets all requirements to be called the best ios installs generator. We have been improving our services for years and now we are ready to deliver high quality ios installs right to your app.

Boosting App Store Ranking: Buy iOS Installs

What makes an iOS app so popular that more people would want to buy it? This question can have multiple answers, from the app’s content, graphics, timeliness, practicality, etc. However, app owners should never miss their ranking. You might have noticed that Apple highlights top-rated apps on Apple Store, which should be your goal. It signifies that your app is gaining more popularity, and it has an edge in reaching more users within your niche. What should you do to improve your iOS ranking?

You have three options in this case. First, you can rely on Apple Store’s advertising solutions where app promotion is based on keywords. You may also go to a marketplace for freelancers where you need to sift through listings and post your application. Another option is to partner with marketing agencies who will do the advertising and promotion for you. We say that the third option is your best choice, even if you need to shell out some extra cash. These agencies can get you more real iOS installs from users in different locations within the quickest time possible. You can buy iOS install packages at cheap and bulk offers from them to make your app promotion more convenient.

Is It Secure to Buy iOS Installs?

The answer to this query relies on your chosen marketing agency or online platform. You must ensure that it is offering a 100% risk-free guarantee before making the real deal. Ask them about the previous apps that they could successfully improve the install count and for how long.

If your worry is the possibility of you getting banned from Apple due to buying iOS installs, the answer is plain no. The apps that most people use nowadays use social media marketing agencies and buy iOS installs as it helps their app rank higher in the store. Remember, numbers matter how a user decides on what to install depending on her needs. However, this scheme is not free from fraudulent activities. Some agencies may claim that your installs come from genuine users but are bots in reality. Others also have a track record of poorly converting despite choosing the most expensive package in their list.

Thus, it is best to get to know their conversion pricing and how long is the turnaround table to get more leads and installs.

How to Purchase iOS Installs?

There is a long list of marketing agencies online that you can tap and request a package quote. You can also ask them their buying options, including credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency. Some of these companies also offer a free trial experience for a short amount of time to provide you a firsthand experience of their promises.

If you wonder where your installs will come from, most of these agencies have connections in offer walls and publishers that they can tap to market your iOS app. You will be surprised by how huge their network is, and it involves real people who will experience as they get incentives each time they install your app.

Buy Cheap iOS Installs

We did mention that you have to spend some extra cash when you buy iPhone App downloads. Third-party agencies also need your resources to keep the business going. There may be an initial fear that agencies price their offers at an all-time high for first-time venturers in this community.

It can be true for some, but you do not need to worry. Other reliable social media marketing agencies offer bulk iOS installs for a budget-friendly price. As the number of apps increases each year, the need to have cost-efficient agencies is also increasing. As economics’ golden rule would say, higher demand means a lower price.

However, it will help if you get extra careful on those that offer packages that sound too mesmerizing. Always ask them about their conversion system and the source of your app installs.

The Best Place to Buy Real iOS Installs

The return of your investment matters. That is why it is best to choose the right marketing agency that can fulfill its promise of making your app stand out from the rest. By now, you may be asking, where is the best place to buy iOS installs online? Worry no more because we ranked the top companies that will help you reach your goal.


The good thing about Likigram is it has a reliable system that filters out bots using its anti-fraud measures. Its team is confident that the installs you will get from them come from real users and devices. Moreover, it also utilizes third-party integrations, including but not limited to Adjust, Appsflyer, Kochava, etc.

It delivers your app to several publishers, traffic partners, and media inventories where they will advertise and promote your app. Likigram ensures to handle your app optimization efficiently and organically. You can get 1000 conversions for as low as $100, and you can also terminate anytime if you find its system incompatible for you.


This agency is another competitor that will provide you with authentic conversions in no time. It has partners in 37 regions worldwide, and its list includes rich countries with a higher number of App Store users. You can either focus on one location or mix and match regions to maximize the possible number of installs you will get.

It offers iOS keyword installs and direct iOS installs at a base price of $0.35 to $0.40. If you wish to be a reseller, you can purchase each install for as low as $0.30. It guarantees conversion within two to three days, and it also has the most budget-friendly offer in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions About iOS Installs

Q: How to Promote My App on Apple Store?

Promoting your app in the Apple Store is not a walk in the park. You have millions of competitors, so you must seize every marketing strategy you can do. The good thing with the App Store is it has a system where you can choose different strategies to promote your app. Taking advantage of these tools and methods will give you leverage in getting a higher app install count.

1. App Marketing Tools: Generate links and codes that connect to your product page, app icon, badge, and QR code

2. Smart App Banners: These banners show on Safari where users will land on your product page once they click it

3. Apple Search Ads: Use the right keywords you think your potential clients will input on App Store’s search box

4. Promo Codes: You can offer this to influencers and bloggers who can experience your app firsthand. Give away 100 promo codes for beta users and ask them for a review afterward.

5. Product Page: Be sure that your product page has all the right information your clients need. Icons, colors, and pitch are important.

Another way to promote your iOS app is by optimizing your target keywords, posting your app on directories, offering a free version, enabling Facebook to connect, encouraging user ratings, and utilizing social media platforms to market your app.

Q: Is It Safe and a Good Idea to Buy Bot iOS Installs?

It is never a good idea to use bots in iOS installs. They can be detected as fraudsters and malware by Apple, and they have a huge negative effect on your app. Bots make fake impressions, clicks, in-app engagements, and in-app purchases. Thus, it can mess up your conversions and slow down revenue.

The greatest problem with bots is they cannot adapt well to the dynamic parameters your app has. You might upgrade or develop your software, and the bot may fail to adjust to those. That is why it is still best to get real people to download your app, no matter how lovely it is to have millions of bots install your app in a single night.

Buying iOS installs from reliable marketing agencies is essential in making your app more noticeable and known globally. This strategy is helpful to first-time creators and seasoned developers who are trying a new app or niche.

Remember to keep an eye on agencies that offer fake app installs because they will hurt your expected ROI. Only partner with those who can offer you real-user installations and watch your app become one of the most downloaded this year.

How to Buy 100K Installs

Sometimes applications need instant installs yet in huge amounts. For instance, Likigram offers different packages starting from 1000 ios installs and up to 100000 ios installs or even 1000000 ios installs. Just choose the right package and start growing.




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