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It seems like the whole world is a bit obsessed with this new platform. TikTok burst into our life and brought lots of fun - for fans to watch lots of videos and for authors to share their creative masterpieces. Do you also use TikTok? Would you like to get 50 free TikTok fans? Then you are already in the right place - Likigram!

Get your free 50 TikTok Fans on Likigram

TikTok app is the amalgamation of two apps. In 2016, the Chinese company Bytedance launched its own video-sharing social media app Douyin, which still exists in China. In 2017, they expanded beyond China and named it TikTok for international users. However, much of their western audiences were already familiar with their rival Musically - they merged in2018. It led to the merger of with Tiktok - all the data and user base into one app called TikTok. It ended and made Tiktok a worldwide app, except in China, where it is still Douyin.

TikTok is one of the most downloaded video-sharing social media platforms. Along with discovering content, users create and share short videos ranging from 5 to 120 seconds. It consists of different genres ranging from pranks & comedy, musically lip-synced videos, microblog content, tutorials, etc. The numerous features of TikTok, like screen sharing, special filters, and visual effects, makes it eye-popping popularity.

The current user base of TikTok stands at 1Billion active users worldwide, spanning over 154 countries in 75 different languages. More than 72% of the global audience users are between 18 to 34 of age. It is the platform for GenX and GenZ.

Such a vast presence of the user base on the platform from 100+ countries utilizing video platforms lip-syncing their native language has a great potential for brands to attract their target audience. If your brand's target audience is young and falls in the age bracket of 18 to 34, it's the right platform to start building your brand presence on TikTok.

You have started building content on Tiktok, but still, it is struggling to get views as expected by you. Viral your content on TikTok with Likigram - Get free 50 Tiktok fans. Having more TikTok fans will help you expand your audience base and let more people follow you.

Avail your free 50 TikTok Fans on Likigram as follows

1) Visit the Likigram page and paste the TikTok Account link in the blank space press the select button.

2)Enter your email address and get 50 Tiktok fans for free.

Getting fans on TikTok from Likigram is similar to getting Twitter, Instagram, Twitch Service, etc. Likigram is the place for all your social media needs. We are a one-stop shop for all your social media requirements.

The Advantages of having more TikTok fans are as follows:

Whenever you post any content on the social media platform, its true potential does not unlock till the time it does not reach its targeted audience. It only attains its true intent when its prospective audience watches it. To get your content to reach more people and a broad audience base, build more Tiktok fans and make your content get noticed by a large audience. Hence having more TikTok fans has the following advantages.

1)Boosts engagement

Having a broad TikTok fan base helps your post get more engagement. As your post on the platform comes across large audiences, it is a big possibility to get more visitors to view it. Having more audience viewing it also increases its popularity, gaining more likes & comments. Hence more engagement on the post. Having more fans helps your content travel across the breadth and length of the TikTok Platform, which is, in turn, explored by its target audience.TikTok fans help to grow your Brand presence by manifolds.

2)Expands Audiences

As discussed previously, too, there is no benefit in creating content regularly if it doesn't reach the right audience & strike the cord in your target audience. The match of meeting the right audience with the right content happens with the help of TikTok fans. They help in spreading the word and getting more views on the post. Let the right audience discover the right content that is for them. Expanding the audience base on the TikTok platform amplifies the message that you as a brand are trying to put across. The brand message reaches larger audiences in a shorter time.

3)Opportunity to monetize your audience

A large audience base and your Tiktok Fans are your tokens of love, respect, and warmth. They listen to you and try to follow in your footsteps. Influencer marketing is a big thing nowadays. Brands that treat social media influencers as the reckoning force that drives opinions.TikTok profiles having a large TikTok fan base have an opportunity to monetize your audience while sharing authentic information. A large Tiktok fan base helps in grabbing opportunities to gain some bucks.

4)Trustworthiness & Credibility

Having a widerTikTok fan base accounts for the trustworthiness and credibility of the profile. Your fanbase on Tiktok represents the trust that your audience bestows on you. As TikTok accounts with more fans attract more visitors and hence better reach. It helps your content reach the right audience that connects and converts. Large TikTok fans are worthy only when it aligns with your content.

5)Saves time

Building a TikTok account from Scratch takes time and patience. Only creating content on TikTok is not enough to attract loyal Tiktok fans to help in the exponential growth of your account to help get views and reach the targeted audience. Hence TikTok fans help save the time else required to build the reach of the TikTok account from zero.

6)Brand Presence

Having more TikTok fans helps in building your brand presence on the platform. Creating content and building an audience for yourself on TikTok helps establish a brand to which other people relate to you. Building a brand presence on the platform helps in authenticity among the billion people present on the social media platform. Your brand presence online acts as the social media proof of yourself, with TikTok fans backing you. The global reach of the TikTok platform helps to build an international brand in a fun, engaging, and creative manner over Tiktok.

7)Connect with your Target Audience

The TikTok Fans help boost your content reach on the platform. Thus, reaching your target audience through small bite-sized video content in a fun and engaging way. TikTok creates fun-filled and engaging content on the platform that helps directly connect with your target audience and advertizes yourself with bite-sized video content without sounding or acting too pushy. Hence, it's a fun way to connect with your target audience.

8)Get Recognition & Satiate your creative desires

TikTok is a worthy place to share your knowledge and talent in bite-sized video content ranging from 5 seconds to 120 seconds. It's great to get recognized for your hidden talents and reach your audience in a fun & quirky way. If you're an artistic person, TikTok is the best way to satiate your creative desires and get recognition on the said platform. Having more TikTok fans helps get an audience to your content. There is nothing else gratifying than getting feedback on the content you posted.

9)Wider Reach & New Business Avenues

Having more TikTok fans help establish a broad reach on the platform and drive traffic to your account. The social media platform, Tiktok, acts as a great networking tool. It helps connect with different people all across the platform. It's a great conversation starter to know each other well and get started with new business opportunities. Online networking is a powerful tool to manifest your goals & accomplish tasks. It opens the door full of new avenues.

10)Directing your TikTok Fans to another platform

There are plenty of social media platforms focussing on a different aspect of the content as its specialty. For example, blogs focus on the text, Soundcloud on audio, TikTok on short videos, etc. According to the requirements of your brand's product and services, you can opt for a combination of social media platforms to build your online presence. Hence, more of your TikTok fans redirect to visit your other social media platforms, like reading your blog to becoming your Soundcloud follower. One social media platform does not work in isolation from another. Being good and consistent on the TikTok platform helps gain TikTok Fans. This further help to build your audience base on another social media platform which gives you an initial boost apart from freebies Likigram.

How can I get more free TikTok fans?

The process of using our free offers is as easy as pie, regardless of what you choose to have - free Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, or TikTok fans.

  1. Paste the link to your TikTok account in the special field and press the Select button
  2. Enter your email address and press Get Free Fans

50 new fans will be delivered to your TikTok fast and secure.

5 benefits of having more TikTok fans

When you post something on the Internet, you usually do this to reach as many people as possible. That’s why it’s so important for content creators to have many Twitch followers and Reddit upvotes. Getting fans on TikTok for free helps to expand your personal audience of viewers or connect with a bigger number of potential customers.

  • Creative self-realization. However great your videos are, they become really exceptional only when people actually watch them. Not so many things can be compared with this feeling of having a grateful audience for your creative work (many YouTube likes, for example)
  • Money income. There are lots of ways to earn money through activity on social networks. You can get Twitch bits and earn on your live streams. Or you can offer your fans some goods to purchase. It's up to you how you monetize the audience, but you should have that audience, and Likigram will help with this.
  • New life and business opportunities. Most things that happen in our life become possible only because of people we know. Online social activity is a powerful networking tool, and no one knows where it would lead you. But you can at least give all those people a chance to get to know you better and maybe this step will help to make your dreams come true.
  • Support for your other projects. Of course, life is not limited to TikTok activity. But your fans on this platform may become readers of your blog or your Soundcloud followers. Online life of your audience is not limited to one platform, so getting many TikTok fans is a chance to reach them in a new place.
  • Life-changing step. Even if you don’t plan to become an Internet celebrity, it’s always a good idea to try out something new and unusual. Having many fans on TikTok may open such doors that you can’t even imagine right now. If you like making videos, let all the other great things happen to you - get free fans though Likigram and enjoy this amazing journey!
The TikTok platform has gained massive popularity over time since its release. It boasts of more than a billion worldwide users spread over 154 countries in 75 different languages. That's statistics. Hence such a massive presence of users on the platforms makes it a lucrative place for the brand's marketing & advertising needs. TikTok Fans drive traffic to your profile and boost sales by letting other people become aware of the product and services of your brand. They help gain visibility of your content posts across the platform, driving engagement. They help increase the audience, thus increasing the user base for your brand and letting users discover your product and services through short, exciting, and fun-filled video content. It effectively puts across your message to the audience, without pushing too hard, in a very subtle way.


Do you have some questions? Maybe the answer is here.

  • Is it secure?
  • There are no risks for your account or online reputation. Likigram will not get any personal data, so the whole process of increasing the number of your TikTok fans for free is absolutely safe.

  • Are these real people?
  • You will have real TikTok accounts as your fans. This basic number will help you attract even more people - TikTok users tend to like those who are already popular.

  • How to boost my success even further?
  • This offer of free TikTok fans is our promo for potential clients. Then you can buy fans for TikTok and make an even bigger impact on this platform. And of course, you should continue publishing quality and interesting videos for your target audience.

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