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Best SoundCloud Promotion Services - SoundCloud Marketing 2021

Go Viral the DIY Way or by SoundCloud Marketing Services

Music is something that people will always be passionate about. This pandemic season paved the way for artists to gain exposure since most are working remotely. Many platforms have been very helpful to artists in their endeavors. SoundCloud is one of those platforms, for sure. If you're an artist and want to make the most out of this pandemic season, you might want to consider SoundCloud's marketing service.

This article will tackle the overview of SoundCloud and how you can leverage it to grow your career. So, let us get started.

SoundCloud Services - Overview

You might ask, “What is SoundCloud?” It is a platform for music lovers. It was launched in 2007 and had been growing in popularity ever since. This tool is especially helpful for independent artists who do not know where to begin yet but want to get their music known. It remains one of the largest platforms where artists and new tracks are discovered daily.

So, how does it work? This platform is not only for artists; it is for listeners as well. This tool is also frequently visited by record labels and producers since they are always looking for emerging artists.

Customer Service

You may contact their support representatives through the website or different email addresses based on your specific concerns. You may find those email addresses on their website as well.

SoundCloud Subscription

You can use SoundCloud for free, especially if you are starting. In this section, we'll look at the difference between the paid and free subscriptions of SoundCloud.

SoundCloud Services - SoundCloud Basic

As mentioned, SoundCloud is a powerful and dynamic tool for music exposure. If you are an artist, you can upload up to three hours of music while at the same time getting lossless storage in HD and access to basic insights on your products.

To start, all you need to do is to sign up via the website.

SoundCloud Creator or SoundCloud Pro

This tier is the premium of the three. What you can get if you decide to go for it are:

• Unlimited uploading time

• Commission for every stream of your music (monetization)

• Access to the advanced insights on your tracks and audiences

• Ability to replace your tracks without losing any performance stats they gained

• Pin your top-picks

This tier is recommended for you if you want to focus on monetizing through this platform.

SoundCloud Services - Repost

This tier is an independent one. This tier is more focused on getting your music out there. Apart from it, you get to have the following as well:

• Distribution of your tracks to big music services

• Broaden your horizon through the promotional tools available

• Access to premium services, which might help you monetize

• Earn commission with your collaborators.

Again, the focus of this tier is for your tracks to gain as much exposure as possible.

SoundCloud Go+

This tier is specific to listeners. When you stream under the SoundCloud Go+ subscription, you help your favorite artists by giving them royalties.

Approaching the Price

These three tiers vary in price. As of writing, here is an overlook of how much these tiers cost:

• SoundCloud Basic – Free

• SoundCloud Pro Unlimited - $7.20 per month

• SoundCloud Repost - $2.50 per month

There are times that SoundCloud offers discounts, so be sure to check out their website from time to time to stay updated.

SoundCloud Promotion

There are various ways of promoting your SoundCloud tracks. You can do it the "DIY" way or use SoundCloud music promotion services.

Promoting SoundCloud the DIY Way – Free SoundCloud Promo Platform

If you are starting as an artist, you would sometimes need to do all the work yourself. While it's not easy, it's doable. Here are some ways that you may try to promote your music on SoundCloud.

1. Get your music out there.

This step is the most obvious way of promoting your music. Even if you’re on the SoundCloud Basic tier, you can consider it as your free platform. Next, make sure that your track is available publicly so that you and others can share your tracks on different social media platforms. This way, your track gets the much-needed exposure that it should have.

Promoting on Instagram is also an effective way to do this step. Add your link to your bio in IG, and people will be able to get to your music as well. The reason behind promoting on Instagram is IG has a wide fanbase, so you can easily build connections there.

2. Do not release it yet if it is not ready.

There is an option in SoundCloud to publish a certain track publicly or privately. When you are still working on a piece, make sure that only you and your collaborators have access to it. Once all the revisions and mixes are placed together, then you can hit that publish button for your audience to hear your music.

3. Allow free downloads on your best tunes.

Doing this method may help your track go viral. There is an option in SoundCloud that allows others to download your music.

4. Check out the engagement and engage as well.

One of the amazing features of the platform is people can leave comments at specific timestamps. Some listeners can even offer you feedback about a certain part of the song. Make sure to check out these engagements, and don’t forget to reply to them as well.

5. Join groups.

There are different communities or groups in SoundCloud where you can submit your tracks to. They may help you gain exposure as well.

6. Follow others as well.

If you want to build your fanbase and expand your presence on the platform, you also have to follow other people. This way, you get to learn from their craft, and they get to connect with you as well. They might even give your tracks a try and give feedback to help you improve your tracks, making them go viral faster. Remember, connections are very important in the music industry.

7. Promote SoundCloud.

If you have an extra penny to spare, you may consider this option. SoundCloud has a promotional tool that allows you to put your music on top of the list when listeners stream. The charge is based on the CPM model (charge per thousand impressions). So, for example, if the rate is at $25 CPM, for every thousand streams of your music, you pay $25, which is the minimum amount.

You can do other things to promote your music, but you may start with these seven. Then, as you journey through your career, you will learn about different approaches that might work for you.

SoundCloud Marketing Services

Another option that you can try is SoundCloud marketing services. If you search "SoundCloud services 2021" in Google, you will see many search results. Many providers offer this service so that you can save some time and energy in promoting your SoundCloud tracks. Here are the top picks for SoundCloud music promotion services:


This provider is a favorite of artists, which translates to them being in the business for quite some time. This platform allows you to choose what type of engagements you want, and the price will base on the condition you set. Their support is also available 24/7.

SoundCloud is a dynamic platform and a powerful tool that you can use to grow your music career. With the right knowledge and connections, you are sure to have your music streaming in popular places in no time. Additionally, you can broaden your connections by doing a "DIY" promotion approach or opting for SoundCloud marketing services. Either way, what's important is to get your music out there to gain the exposure that it needs.




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