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We always submit Instagram profiles directly to the verification team and closely follow the entire verification process.


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Is this service guaranteed?

Unfortunately, there is no 100% guarantee for your account to be verified after purchasing our service. Although there is a high success rate of profile verification, Instagram makes the final decisions. Be advised that we do not offer refunds.


Why Likigram?

Our team has extended knowledge and experience of the Instagram profile verification process. We have direct access to submit verification requests and we are always informed about the decision making progress. This greatly speeds up the overall verification process but also increases the chances of getting verified on Instagram.


What's the price

We offer two packages at a cost of $29 and $199. The basic package includes submitting your profile for verification to Instagram verification, and the extended package also includes the media support in the form of marketing promotion to raise your chances of being verified.


How it works?

It is also important to understand, whether your Instagram profile truly requires verification. If your Instagram account is popular enough and receives a great deal of attention, than you have a good chance to get verified. At the same time, Instagram profiles with little to no interest have almost no chance of getting verified.




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