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It may seem quite easy to get many likes on Instagram. This whole platform makes the process of liking photos natural - you just scroll the feed and double tap everything that catches your eye. On the other hand, even on Instagram people tend to like those posts that are already popular. Just notice from your own behavior - you are rather reluctant to double-tap something that has a very small number of likes, and at the same time, you willingly like everything where the number of likes reaches hundreds/thousands.

Like with other social media, posts need an initial boost here! For example, people become more interested in a video if it has many YouTube likes. And they pay more attention to a post if it has many Reddit upvotes.

You can get the starting number of likes for your Instagram posts here, on Likigram. Right now, we offer 50 IG likes for free!

How can I get more free Instagram likes?

Quality of your content is always the most significant factor. Make great photos/videos and post them regularly. Define your audience and make content especially for these people. Be unique in your creativity! Having your style is crucial for online media - be yourself in everything you do, and you will easily get many Twitch followers, TikTok comments. and Instagram likes. Also, don’t forget to stay active online to let people find your account and your posts.

Still, high competition on social platforms makes it much harder to develop personal and business accounts. To not get lost in the neverending flow of pics on IG, get 50 free likes:

  1. Paste your Instagram name in the field on this page and press Select
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5 benefits of having more Instagram likes

Why bother with getting more likes? Isn’t it better to concentrate on photo/video creativity?

  • Likes generate likes. If you plan to develop a successful IG account, you can’t avoid the power of likes. They indicate the general quality of your posts and your activity on this platform. And the more likes you have, the more will fall into your piggy bank in the future. The process is very similar to getting more Facebook likes because many users have already liked your post, so the system considers it interesting and shows it to other people more often.
  • IG likes bring general popularity to the account. There are other indicators of success on Instagram, but likes make up the basis for them all. If people like your posts, they become interested in commenting on them, checking out the whole account, following it, and regularly watching stories. Popularity on Instagram starts with likes in the same way as popularity on SoundCloud starts with SC plays.
  • Likes on Instagram bring you money. Lots of sponsors are ready to pay for hidden advertisements on IG. A product appears in a photo. Or the owner of a popular account visits a restaurant and shoots the food. Quite often, this happens for a reason. Do you want to have the same reasons? Then accumulate lots of likes on your posts - without this, your service is not interesting for sponsors.
  • With Instagram likes you prove your success beyond this platform. For many celebrities, Instagram is not a primary source of income. They are successful in other areas, and their IG accounts reflect this success. Many business and personal opportunities may get open for you through many likes on your Instagram account - you just need to let this magic happen. It’s a common thing for social platforms. Your account represents our personality. That’s why professionals from many industries hunt for Twitter likes and Quora upvotes.
  • It’s just a great feeling to have many likes on IG. In addition to more pragmatic benefits, many people just enjoy that amazing feeling of seeing their photos and videos getting likes. This brings quite a bunch of positive emotions. And aso, this motivates to move forward in online creativity and the general daily life.


Let’s mention a few more things to remove your doubts!

  • Is there a risk of ban for my account?
  • No! You get free Instagram likes through Likigram in a totally legitimate way. You also can rest assured that your account is safe - you don’t share personal or secret data.

  • Are these likes from real people?
  • We deliver only real things for our users - even if these are Facebook followers or YouTube subscribers. You IG posts get likes from real accounts.

  • Why do you do this for free?
  • It’s a promo offer for our potential customers. We are sure that after getting free likes through Likigram you will be interested in buying IG likes regularly.

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