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Free Reddit upvotes

Reddit has quite a unique liking system. Each post on this social platform can be upvoted or downvoted by other people. It’s different than, for example, Facebook likes - a Reddit post can have even a negative score at the end. Probably no one wants such an outcome! It’s much better to see lots of upvotes for your post, and Likigram can provide you with them absolutely for free.

How can I get free Reddit upvotes?

The first thing you should do is to make your posts and comments on this platform meaningful and interesting. But alas, so many people make Reddit posts and comments, that your activity can get lost in this powerful stream. And as with YouTube likes, people tend to pay more attention to those posts that already have many upvotes. To get this initial boost, even popular influencers use various technical tools - such as free upvotes for Reddit posts on Likigram. To get 100 upvotes, follow these steps:

  1. Paste link to your Reddit post or comment and press the Select button
  2. Enter you email and press the button Get Free Reddit Upvotes

5 benefits of having more Reddit upvotes

Lots of people look for attention on social media. But why do they need it? Why order free upvotes on Reddit or get free fans on TikTok? Here are some examples of possible benefits.

  • Make your opinion notable. This is especially crucial for Reddit. Many people come here to share their thoughts and experience with others. But the whole system doesn’t allow reaching them without having many upvotes. Most people just scroll almost everything but stop on a popular post and actually read it.
  • Improve karma of your account. All the upvotes do not disappear in timeline - they improve the general ranking of your account and thus positively affect all your other actions on Reddit. It’s similar to having many Insta views - even if these numbers are not obvious for people, the algorithms show posts from successful accounts more often. With Reddit upvotes, the situation is strengthened by the human reaction. Other users consider accounts with very good karma quite authoritative.
  • Online popularity boosts your personal projects. Reddit is a very popular platform and you can get traffic from it to your Twitch channel or your online store. You attract the attention of people and then transfer it to projects outside Reddit. It’s a common practice for social media - for example, Twitter users often do this.
  • Monetize your online activity. Many Reddit upvotes will make your post noted by various companies, which use social platforms as a place to remind about their products and services. They are definitely ready to pay for increasing the brand awareness - but they cooperate only with really popular accounts. And Reddit upvotes make your account popular, you know.
  • Upvotes on Reddit give unique satisfaction. This is true, people like seeing how others like their posts. Likes on Instagram motivate us to post more photos and make awesome videos. Reddit upvotes give a special feeling that powers up other activities online and beyond. Just try it out and probably you will like to have this type of satisfaction.


Let’s try and remove your doubts about getting 100 upvotes on Reddit for free.

  • What kind of post do you recommend to upvote?
  • Order free upvotes for a post/comment that you sure people would like if they notice it in their newsfeed. Upvote something you are proud of - the result may exceed your expectations. It’s similar to ordering free Soundcloud plays for your best track.

  • How can I continue developing my account?
  • First of all, make other interesting and meaningful posts. And consider buying more upvotes on Reddit for them. Many clients of Likigram feel the positive results of free upvotes and then continue using our technical tools to support their progress on Reddit.

  • Is it safe for my account?
  • Techniques of Likigram don’t violate the terms of Reddit. You don’t share your personal data with our service. Other Reddit users feel the upvotes as organic interest to your posts. There are no risks for your account!

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