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How to Get Free Spotify Plays Instantly

As of 2020 Spotify, Google Music and Apple Music are the most popular music streaming applications that are used all over the world. Spotify as other social networks and streaming platforms is based on plays, likes and followers metrics. Thus, the popular accounts with 10000 spotify plays + have better earning and ranking. But there is a question, how to get more plays on spotify? We can advise you three possible ways to generate authentic plays:

  • Get plays on Spotify organically
  • Get paid spotify plays
  • Get spotify plays for free

Probably the most common approach is to obtain free plays with some free generator tool. Likigram provides an exclusive plays generator. In fact it is a free trial Spotify plays package that can be used one or multiple times. See our quick guide on how to use free plays generator from Likgiram:

  • Visit Likigram SMM tool for Spotify
  • Enter Spotify username properly
  • See the if the account is fetched correctly
  • Paste the url link to your track on spotify
  • Add your Email address where needed so that we can contact you if any issue or question occurs
  • Lay back and wait for up to 6 hours until the plays arrive

How to Get bot spotify plays

Some people wonder if bot plays is a good idea. Does the bot plays on Spotify look authentic and real? Where to find free bot plays on spotify? What is the best place to get free spotify plays? Let’s start with explaining what is a bot play. There are bot spotify accounts that can play your music. These plays do look authentic and real and they do not differ from other real human accounts. Eventually it is just a number that is displayed in your profile. Likigram offers a bot plays generator as a free trial package. You can try it for free of charge and see how it works. You can generate up to 1000 bot spotify plays from Likigram.

How to Earn Money on Spotify

Spotify has a clear yet simple business model. It streams music from an artist to a fan and monetizes all plays sharing revenue with an artist. As a result you earn money per play and it is about $0.05 depending on a region. Unfortunately, Spotify is not friendly in terms of earnings for non popular musicians. Most of the earnings are shared with big players in the industry, such as Billie Eillish.