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How to Get Free Steam Downloads

As a marketing professional or a game developer you must understand the value of steam downloads. This is a key metric on Steam that indicates how popular a game is. The more steam downloads your game gets the better is exposure and raking on the Steam discovery section. In fact, the best steam games are getting millions of downloads and are ranked in top10 and top 20. But these are AAA game titles and they often run huge marketing budgets and have a strong brand name. While you as probably a small indie game studio have no or low marketing budget. Thus, your only option is to boost your game with at least 1000 steam downloads and see the very first results and analytics of your product on Steam. This is where Likigram is in help. We provide 1000 steam downloads for absolutely free of charge. Let us see this quick guide on how to obtain downloads:

  • Visit Likigram SMM agency
  • Enter URL link to the game you want to promote
  • Enter your correct Email address so that we can contact you if any additional information or issue happen
  • Proceed with the Get button
  • Lay back and see your game gets steam downloads

How to Promote Game on Steam for Free

If you have released a game on steam and you have no idea how to market and promote it, then Likigram may be of help for you. There are many ways how you can promote your game for free. Let’s see this quick guide:

  • Use Steam announces and steam news in order to reach your audience
  • Use steam release announcement tool in order to attract more views and downloads eventually
  • Use cross game promotions and bundles in order to promote your game with other titles
  • Use giveaways and competitions so that you could have incentive steam downloads
  • Use steam downloads generators such as Likigram. A software Solution that increases downloads for your game in a programmatic way

Steam downloads generators

There are software solutions that help you build better exposure on Steam and delivery free steam installs. Likigram has released its own application that generates bot steam installs and make them look authentic and real. You can easily try our services and see how your game receives many installs.