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Free Twitter Followers

Everyone wants to have many followers on their social accounts (ok, most of us are quite fascinated by the idea of sweet-sweet popularity). There are two primary ways of getting more followers on Twitter:

  • You read tweets of other people, comment, like, and follow. Some of them could pay attention to your profile and follow back.
  • You use helpful tools to increase the number of followers.

In fact, both these ways should be combined for better results. Twitter users love the attention to their posts - such activity gives an organic boost for your own popularity. But also, they tend to follow those who already have hundreds/thousands of followers. Here is where Likigram comes to the scene! This is a service for fast and effective increasing the number of your followers without following them back.

How can I get more free Twitter followers?

You can get 50 new followers on your Twitter account absolutely for free by using these steps:

  1. Enter your Twitter username (it begins with @) in the special field on this page and press the Select button;
  2. Enter your email;
  3. Press the Get Free Followers button.

So, the process is as easy as pie with Likigram - the same as getting free Instagram likes.

5 benefits of having more Twitter followers

It may seem like a weird question, and still - why do you need more followers on Twitter (or subscribers on YouTube for free) apart from that satisfying feeling of being popular?

  • Personal accounts are able to deliver their thoughts and opinions to a wider audience. Business accounts will increase awareness of their products and services.
  • More followers mean more possibilities to earn - from advertisements and direct sales to developing your personal brand and becoming successful in your professional area.
  • Your Twitter followers become the audience for your other projects, such as Twitch channels or personal blogs.
  • In the modern world, success on social media is often associated with personal success - with many followers, you will be evaluated decently as a potential employee or business partner.
  • This is one of the best ways to expand your social interactions, get to know new people, and feel connected to real personalities on the other side of the Internet line.

The more followers you have now the more people want to follow you in the future. This process can be compared to the snowball effect - and it is similar to getting more Twitter likes.


Let’s answer some of the most popular questions about free followers on Twitter:

  • Is it safe for my account?
  • Yes! Likigram uses reliable techniques to increase the number of your followers. You will see a quick effect with no risks.

  • Are 50 followers enough? What to do next?
  • This depends on your goals. Most of our clients use this free offer as a test of Likigram capabilities. You will see the results and will be able to decide to continue our cooperation or not. We are sure that after “tasting” the advantages of our service, you will be interested in even bigger social success with our offer to buy Twitter followers.

  • How to get people interested in my tweets?
  • Many new followers give big opportunities, but they also give a kind of responsibility. People will see your posts in their feeds and it’s up to you to make them react. Getting Twitter free followers is not an ultimate recipe for success. Likigram gives you the starting boost, and then the quality of your content becomes the most important factor. Post something interesting for your target audience and do this regularly - this is the best advice you can get.

Try out other Likigram services

It’s a very rare thing to limit your online social activity only to Twitter. Most of the successful people use also other networks - to reach even more people with a bigger variety of content.

With Likigram, you can:

With the growth of social networks, many people find it more difficult to develop their accounts and get many active followers. The mission of Likigram is to remove unnecessary obstacles and to let you reach your goals much easier. Please enjoy free Twitter followers and consider improving your progress even further with various services of Likigram!