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Free Twitter likes

It’s not so easy to get many likes on Twitter, especially for newcomers to this social platform. If you have an IG account, you can feel the difference in practice. While good photos easily get some numbers of Instagram likes, good tweets may remain “blank” as if everyone ignores them. Some initial number of likes is required to get the post noticed by other people, so they could react to it. Likigram helps to get 50 free likes on Twitter to boost one tweet and your whole account.

It’s the same offer as getting free Facebook likes - for most users of social media and specialists of social media marketing, such technical tools are essential for popularizing their online activity and brands.

How to get more free Twitter likes

We can give quite a few advice on this topic, but let’s concentrate on the most effective ones:

  • Describe your target audience and make tweets relevant especially to these people.
  • Mix professional and personal tweets on your account to prove being a real person behind the posts.
  • Communicate with other people by commenting on their tweets.
  • Post relevant pictures, initiate polls, and come up with various unusual ideas for your tweets.
  • Consider using a technical tool to allow Twitter users to notice your posts in their overfilled newsfeed.

Likigram is exactly a technical tool for such purposes. These 50 free likes is a starting power for your further growth. To get them:

  • Paste the link to your tweet and press the Select button;
  • Enter your email address and press Get Free Twitter Likes.

5 benefits of having more Twitter likes?

Have you ever asked yourself why people on social platforms are so hungry for likes, comments, and followers? Here are some reasons to have many likes on Twitter.

  • It’s a way to develop your personal brand or inform people on your products/services. Twitter can be considered as a semi-professional platform, where users mix their career and life posts (unlike Facebook, where people tend to share more personal stuff and often limit their FB followers to friends and family). So, likes for your tweets give a boost for your professional intentions.
  • Traffic to your other projects. Twitter feed is a good source of entertainment and a connection of everything happening on the Internet. Twitter users are less reluctant to click the external links than, for example, Instagram users. Direct this attention of people to something you develop alongside Twitter - to get more Twitch followers or TikTok fans.
  • Likes attract profitable partnerships. Sponsors are lurking all over the Internet, looking for influencers who will be able to popularize their brands. Would you like to get money from them? Then make your tweets popular, otherwise you won’t be interesting for big fish in the market.
  • Twitter likes strengthen your whole account. When you get free twitter likes, they give power not only to this specific post, but also to your whole activity on the platform. It’s like with YouTube comments - the more you have, the more often people see your videos/tweets.
  • Improve your online communication. Likes on Twitter are more than just blank numbers. There are people who leave them. And each like is a chance to bring a new person into your social circle, with lots of possible consequences - again, professional and personal.


It’s a good idea to learn the details before getting something free on the Internet.

  • Why does Likigram offers Twitter likes for free?
  • It’s a promotion of our paid service. We are sure that after trying out our technical tool and feeling the positive results, you will be very interested in buying more Twitter likes.

  • Will your system get access to my account?
  • No! We don’t ask for any personal data and you don’t share even a tiny bit of control over your Twitter account.

  • Can my account get banned for using Likigram?
  • We treasure our reputation and always keep the actions of our technical tools in harmony with terms of each social platform, be it providing Likigram users with more Twitter likes for free, Soundcloud plays, or Reddit upvotes.

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