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Free YouTube views

So, you’ve posted your YT video (or a few) and now wait for that number of views to start growing. But almost nothing happens. Why?

YouTube is an overcrowded platform. Millions of videos are online and so many new get uploaded daily. Becoming a successful creator here is a kind of art itself! And just making something really great may be not enough. Quite often, the initial number of views is crucial to attract the attention of people and get them interested in watching your video. Also, internal algorithms of YouTube check the number of views and put the most successful ones on the top of search results. It’s like having many Facebook likes to let people see your posts in the feed.

Likigram is here to help creators on their path to glory! On this page, you can get 1000 YouTube views absolutely for free.

How can I get more free YouTube views?

However important marketing tools are, your creativity is always more powerful. Quality of your YouTube videos is a crucial basis for your success on this platform. The biggest amount of time and energy should be invested in coming up with clever ideas, in the shooting process, and in editing. Only then, you can take steps for popularizing that amazing video product. This principle works for other creative social platforms as well - for example, for getting SoundCloud plays and TikTok likes.

Find your audience on the Internet. Make connections with people on many social platforms. Take care of having many Twitter followers - then share links to your videos with them. Gain a decent number of Facebook followers - they will be your YouTube viewers. Stay active on YouTube too! Your likes and comments attract people to the channel.

Likigram makes your social marketing effort much more effective. Many popular influencers use such technical tools. To get more YouTube views for free:

  • Paste link to your YouTube video and press the Select button;
  • Enter your email address and press the button Get 1000 Free YouTube Views.

5 benefits of having more YouTube views

Having people view your videos is the primary reason for posting them. What benefits can you have from increasing the number of YT views?

  • Success leads to a bigger success. This rule is relevant for most social platforms. If your posts have many Reddit upvotes, people will upvote them more. If your videos have many views on YouTube, they become more interesting for people who scroll the feed, so they leave likes, and follow your account.
  • Views on YT generate money. YouTube has a very good feature for creators - you place ads into your videos and get a revenue share from the company. The more YT views you have, the more times ads are shown and the more money you earn. Views on YouTube also make your channel eligible for this program - you can apply only having a specific number of watched hours. It’s similar to the necessity to have many Twitch followers for becoming a partner on this streaming platform.
  • YouTube views bring you direct sponsors. Money from advertisements is a start for YT influencers. To earn big, you should find a brand that would pay for being on your videos. In fact, such companies will find you on their own - you need only to get many views on YouTube, likes, comments, and subscribers. There are various ways for social media influencers to get sponsored by brands, and their popularity is always a key factor. For example, only with many Instagram followers, your account becomes interesting for sponsoring companies.
  • Views open opportunities. Achieving success online is super great but the world is not limited to the Internet. Popular YouTubers may shine in countless other roles, and YT views become a moving power for them.
  • It’s a freedom of your creativity. When you start doing something on the Internet, the first steps are full of uncertainty. Then the positive feedback comes, so creators feel secure and bloom with fresh ideas and amazing content. Lots of creative things become better if the authors don’t worry about gaining the audience and earning money - like tracks of musicians, who have many SoundCloud followers.


Let’s answer the most popular questions.

  • Is this offer safe for my YouTube account?
  • Yes! Likigram has significant experience in working with various social platforms, and our techniques strictly follow the internal rules. We don’t ask our customers for any private and secret info.

  • When will the views be delivered?
  • The process takes some time, so please, be patient.The growth of view number should not be suspicious for your existing audience.

  • Why are these YouTube views free?
  • Likigram has many free promo offers to allow potential customers to feel the results of collaborating with us. After using this promo, many people decide to buy YouTube views regularly.

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Many services of our project are connected to this video platform. Using them will help you gain the full power on YouTube:

Let us remind you of the importance to be present on various other social platforms. For instance, you should look for your audience on Twitter, so consider getting free Twitter likes. And your creativity may shine in other formats as well. What about getting viewers among free TikTok fans?

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