Instagrams Reel Feature Is a New Way to Accommodate TikTok Magic


Social media has taken the world by storm. From Instagram stories to short videos you see on TikTok are fitting examples of how social is impacting the Z generation of today. Each social media platform works differently to allure its users. Instagram until now used features like Instagram feed and stories, while Tik Tok on the other hand allows its users to make short videos in various formats. However, it looks like Instagram is mimicking TikTok to stay ahead in the race. If you are new to Instagram will need to have an account you can create one yourself or you could buy Instagram Accounts online.

This means that next to the regular family and friend content you will also be seeing photos and videos from accounts you really don’t follow. This significant change comes in the form of suggested posts and you will be able to see the new content as soon as you press the reels icon. Suggested posts will be based on certain factors. For instance, the accounts that you follow, posts you like the most, and Instagram stories that interest you the most. This is to say that your feed will be filled with content you like to follow and see on a regular basis.

Reel Is a Direct Competition to TikTok

From time to time Facebook and Instagram have been criticized for copying, in particular, Facebook. Looks like this tie Instagram has taken one step further and decided to bring reels as its new strategy to allure potential users. As of now, you will see the Reel feature on the homepage of your Instagram account. The search icon has been replaced with the reels icon and as soon as you press the reel button, a no of Tik Tok lookalikes start appearing on the feed. If you keep scrolling enough, you will see videos from accounts you have never followed or even liked.

In addition to this, the suggested posts feature for now is hidden in the innocuous vicinity of Instagram, but it’s uncertain how many users will reach the bottom of their news feeds. Of course, just like any other feature is updated from time to time, even this feature will see new changes. Instagram users will most likely decide the fate of this feature. For now, it looks like a lot of adults and teenagers are hooked on this feature. If you open the reels feature you will see videos similar to the videos you saw on TikTok. Mostly, social media influencers dancing on trending numbers and taking up new challenges.

Reels and Explore Page Have Similar Features

If you look at reels or suggested posts you will notice that this new feature is quite similar to the explore page. Just like the explore page showed you the stories and accounts you most viewed, reels will automatically start showing you things you see on a regal basis. Although from a critical point it is quite unnecessary to include two features that work quite similarly, Instagram will definitely improve its new algorithm to stay ahead in the competition.

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