Threads: The New Messenger for Instagram Close Friends


Instagram has recently introduced Threads - the new messenger for close friends. We all remember how Instagram was focused on the Direct in 2018, another big idea how to make in-app messaging better. However, Direct was then marked as a draft and was never released. Later this year Instagram has announced the Threads messenger.

Instant Synced Messenger for Close Friends Only

Smooth and comfortable messaging has been an issue for Instagram for a pretty long time since its release. All users mostly rely on whatsapp, facebook and other more widely accepted apps when it comes to the instant in-app messaging. As of October 2019, it is known that Threads messenger will be synced with Instagram and all users may comfortably switch to this chat application in order to get access to a better interface. As a matter of fact, Threads has its own restrictions. You can only chat with close friends. Nobody else. No doubt it will be the most limited inbox section ever.

Why do you need Threads messenger on your smartphone?

Instagram itself is a very concise and limited solution as a messenger. Thus, as a more comfortable and widely used application, Threads may have a chance to become another big thing in the instant chat industry. Also, this will be a great solution for your intimate conversations with only the closest friends on Instagram.

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