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Video on Instagram is interesting content for your followers and also it’s a very effective social marketing tool. People like to watch videos - but their time is limited and they don’t want to waste it on something uncertain. That’s why those video posts that have many likes and many views have more chances to catch the attention of Instagram users and get even more views and likes.

The internal algorithms of this and many other social media have been built with such a principle in mind. They try to choose interesting content for people and make their time on this platform the most exciting. YouTube puts videos with many YT likes on top of search results. Facebook tries to fill the feed with posts that have many Facebook likes.

So, how does an Insta video prove to people and the algorithms that it’s worth watching? An initial number of IG views becomes crucial! And Likigram offers a super effective tool for getting views for all your upcoming videos without bothering with adding them to each new post. Buy Instagram Auto Views on this page and boost your social media success!

How does the Instagram Auto Views service work?

Auto Views for IG gives significant power to professionals in social media marketing and also to everyone who wants to develop their personal account. The process of using this service is as easy as pie.

You pay for 10,000 views and they will be distributed between the indicated number of your upcoming posts. It depends on the current condition of your Instagram account how many posts you better choose for this service. Remember, everything should feel natural for your audience, so don’t try to shock people with 5,000 likes on two posts and then decrease this number to 30. It’s like ordering many Twitter likes and then distributing them equally between many tweets.

It would be better to combine Instagram Auto Views with continuous creative activity. While using this service, regularly post really quality videos, communicate with your audience on IG, try to reach new people (like, comment, follow). Also, stay active on other social platforms. For example, share links on FB to allow your Facebook followers to discover your Insta content.

How to buy IG Auto Views?

You need to fill the form on this page.

  1. Paste your Instagram name (everything after @) and press Select;
  2. Select how many views you want to have for one video - the number will be random, you select the min and the max;
  3. Choose the number of posts to deliver 10,000 views;
  4. Indicate delay between views - to make the g
  5. rowth of popularity gradual and more natural;
  6. Press the Buy button.

5 benefits of using Auto Views for Instagram

f you use the Insta Auto Views service of Likigram, you enjoy quite a few benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Many views for your Instagram videos boost the success of the whole account. The algorithms of this platform feel the initial boost of views as a sign of good content and show the videos to other users more often. People watch the videos and like them. The Auto Views appear on the following videos, so the process repeats with new power. With likes and views, you get new followers - your posts are shown to a wider audience and people become interested in your account. A similar process is purchasing TikTok Views and having many new fans as a result.
  • Your path to earning money on Instagram is shorter with many views. It’s much easier to get a sponsor for advertising their products or services if your IG posts are popular. In fact, it’s almost impossible to get sponsored without becoming a notable influencer first. Likigram has experience with delivering Twitch followers and YouTube subscribers - we definitely know how to help you on Instagram as well!
  • Through Instagram Views, you develop your personal brand. Your name may gain power - regardless of how you are going to use it. Become an expert in your professional area. Find your niche as a blogger. Or just get more positive energy for your personal life. Developing your personal brand is an important step for succeeding in the modern world. Don't forget to get many Twitter followers for the same purpose.
  • Use IG view for popularizing your online project or your company. IG Auto Views is a perfect tool for professionals in social media marketing. It helps to expand the audience for various websites, increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and boost sales. Modern businesses can’t afford to ignore social media. And such tools as Insta Auto Likes make their activity here much more efficient.
  • The Auto Views IG service allows you to concentrate on creativity. Many great ideas wait to get implemented. So win some time with Instagram Auto Views and allow yourself to concentrate on creativity. It may be even better than buying Instagram views and adding them to specific videos.

Buy Instagram Auto Views - FAQ

  • Are these Instagram views real?
  • Likigram delivers views from real Instagram accounts. Don’t consider them as your direct audience though. It’s power to boost your videos in the internal algorithms and attract the attention of people.

  • Can I get banned?
  • This service works in accordance with the IG terms - like all the services of Likigram. Your account remains safe because you don’t share your personal or secret data.

  • How can I trust you?
  • You can check the effect of using our service thanks to many free promo offers on our site. For Auto Views, we recommend ordering free Instagram views here - this is the best method for us to build your trust.

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