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Guaranteed delivery

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Where to Buy Real Spotify Plays

Many people are looking how to get plays on spotify in 2020. Sure, Spotify is one of the major players on the music streaming market. And this application has a Spotify play as a key metric. But there is a question, how do people get spotify plays? Long story short, many music artists use Likigram and other SMM services in order to obtain real plays and real spotify followers. Likigram is a reliable source for getting plays on spotify. We operate on markets since 2018 and have delivered millions of Spotify Plays and Followers to thousands of artists.

How to Make Money on Spotify in 2021

Making money on Spotify in 2020 is not that easy as it was previously. There are so many new artists who have started streaming music on Spotify for getting fans and followers. Your earnings on Spotify depends in most ways on the amounts of authentic plays and activities in your profile. The more listeners your tracks attract the better your overall incomes. Unfortunately Spotify relies mostly on how much an artist is popular. For instance, Billie Eilish's Spotify profile generates much more money compared to unknown artists. What is more ridiculous is that a of dozen famous artists earn more money than the whole Spotify artists range combined. Which is quite unfair.

How Buy Spotify Plays

Spotify provides royalties based on pay per stream basis. Which means you can earn as low as $0.0038 per stream which is way below what Amazon Music pays. As a matter of fact, Spotify payouts in 2020 are not good comparing to other music streaming platforms as Youtube, Apple Music, etc. As a payment method you may receive money from Spotify via Paypal, Credit Card or Wire Transfer.

How to Get More Spotify Plays

Have you ever thought of why some musicians have so many Spotify plays while other have none. This happens because of either popularity or Spotify tools. Speaking about popularity we all understand the power of brand and why Post Malone can expect millions of plays and fans. Another answer why your profile is still not popular on Spotify is marketing and tools. There is a Spotify Plays generator that can help you increase spotify plays in no time. Likigram offers paid service packages with 1000 spotify plays and up to 1000000 spotify plays. Order them today and become a legend of music streaming platform.

Why Should You Buy Spotify Plays?

Buy Spotify Plays to discover the latest and recent music tracks. There is a saying that “Music is the most powerful magic.” Thus, you can understand this is the reason for which all the individuals listen to different kinds of music. Earlier, everyone used radio and cassettes to listen to their favorite albums and artists. However, with the up-gradation in technology now people use different online platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Ganna, etc. to discover good music. Between these platforms, Spotify is the most appreciated medium. This is because you will get almost all the tracks on this platform with the best music quality.

Due to this reason, you should use the premium feature to get the maximum benefit. Indeed, you can use this platform without taking the premium feature, but you will readily get various benefits if you use it. However, you should gather proper information on it for your benefit. Hence, you must delve into this article to know various reasons to use Spotify premium.

• Access More Features Than the Shuffle-Only Mode

One of the major reasons for which most people buy spotify plays in the premium version is to get more features than the shuffle-only mode. You must know that in the free version you will only get few features through which you will not be able to listen to any songs other than your playlist. However, if you use the upgraded version, then the platform will play songs according to the first song you selected. This way you can also discover various songs of your preferred genre. In addition, you should gather information on the various modes of Spotify to access them properly. Furthermore, it is one of the fundamental factors for which you should use the premium version.

• You, Will, Get Unlimited Skips

If you are using the free version of Spotify or any other music applications, then you must know that they automatically play advertisements after a certain time. This can be very much distracting. Hence, you should use the premium version to get rid of those advertisements. In addition, you must have seen that these applications play advertisements if you skip a certain number of songs. However, you will get the option of unlimited skips if you use the premium version of these applications. Hence, it will not distract or kill your vibe while you are playing songs among your friends. Along with this, if you use the premium feature, you will be able to add multiple songs to your queue to save time. Furthermore, to get unlimited skips you must use the premium version.

• The Music Quality Will Enhance in The Premium Version

Music quality is one of the fundamental factors for which you can use the premium version of this particular application. Indeed, the free version has very good quality where the bit rate gets up to 90 kilobits per second. However, if you use the premium version, you will get a speed of 320 kbps. Hence, you can understand that the premium version of the application has got better music quality. In addition, you should also know that if you are using high-end headphones or speakers then using the premium version will give you a better experience. This is because you will be able to listen to the original tracks. Furthermore, the quality of the music is one of the major factors for which you should use the premium feature.

• You Can Download Songs For Your Benefit

Another fundamental reason for which you should use the premium feature of this application is the downloading option. If you are using the free version, you must know that you cannot download music from this application. You can just like those songs and create your playlist. However, if you have a knack for saving music in your drive then you can readily use the premium feature to download songs. In addition, you should also know that Spotify premium has the best music quality that you may not get anywhere else. Due to this reason, if you download songs from this application, you readily get the original track. In addition, you can also download the podcasts for your benefit by using the premium version. Furthermore, this is one of the primary reasons for which you should upgrade to the premium version of this particular application.

• You Will Not Have to Spend Any High Amount

Budget is one of the major factors for which many people do not want to use the premium feature. However, you can readily buy Spotify Plays cheap and in budget. Indeed, you have to spend a certain amount of money for the premium version, but for that, you will get multiple high-end features. You should also know that you will get a flexible payment option. Due to this reason, you will not face any inconvenient situation while paying money. In addition to this, due to the high security, you will not have to face inconvenient situations like loss of pay, etc. Thus, you can understand that the recent technologies are making the payment method very much clear. Furthermore, budget is one of the major reasons for which you should use the premium version of this application.

• You Can Get Various Deals and Offers Deals and offers are from the major aspects for which you should upgrade your Spotify account. This is because it is one of the recent applications where professionals are giving various offers to increase the flow of traffic. One of the major offers of the premium version is the student discount. Hence, if you are a student then you can use the premium version on a very low budget. Along with these, you can also save money by taking monthly or yearly deals. However, you must take the necessary information on the deals before selecting one. This is because if you do not select the right deal you may have to spend an extra amount for this version. However, these are the reasons for which most people use Spotify premium to use the premium and attractive deals. Thus, you should use it for your benefit.

• You Can Listen To Your Album Offline

You must know that there are many corners in the countries that are still under development. Due to this reason, you may not get a sufficient internet connection in those areas. Hence, you should upgrade to the premium version of this particular application as you can listen to your playlists even if you do not have a sufficient internet connection. You should also know that to listen to the songs offline, you will not have to download the songs. Hence, you can understand that it will also save your phone's storage memory. Furthermore, you will also get unlimited skips in offline mode if you use the premium version. Hence, you can understand that it is one of the major benefits of using the premium version of this particular application.

• The Search Engine Optimize Perfectly with The Premium Version

Optimizing the search engine of this particular application is very much necessary. This is because, if you do not use the search engine properly you will not get the best recommendations. This is why you should use the premium version of this application as the search engines optimize perfectly with the upgraded version. This is because once you pay for the Spotify account you will be able to use all the features. Due to this reason, the application integrates well. Hence, because of this, you can explore various kinds of unknown music as well as a genre from this application. Furthermore, this is one of the major reasons for which you should use the premium version of this application.

• You, Will, Get Notification About the New Releases

One of the major reasons for which you should use the Spotify premium is the notification about the new releases. Due to this reason, you do not need to follow any other music page or anything to get information. This is because as soon as any popular artist releases his new album, Spotify gets the first copy of that album. This is why most individuals rely on Spotify to get the best quality music. In addition, you can also get other notifications of podcasts and different categories of this application if you use the premium feature. Furthermore, you can also share podcasts and music tracks more efficiently with your friends if you use the premium feature. Hence, you should use it for your benefit.

Time for a Quick Wrap

So, you can understand that these are the basic benefits of using the Spotify promotion services. However, if you are using the free version of this application, it is high time for you to upgrade to the premium. This is because the price of the deals can increase in the future. Thus, to get the best deals and offers it is the right time for you to upgrade to the premium version. In addition, you will get multiple features, high-quality music, and various other benefits if you use the Spotify premium. Thus, you should use it for your benefit.

Is buying Spotify plays illegal?

“buy Spotify Plays” If you Google it or "buy Spotify followers," you'll be bombarded with Google Ad answers such as "Buy Spotify streams and monthly listeners today and jumpstart your career." It sounds fantastic, but unfortunately, it's seldom as simple as that. Consider this: when you were in school, what would you have thought of someone who claimed, "I'll pay you to be my friend?" Isn't it sad and a little desperate?

Would you, on the other hand, ever pay someone to be your buddy or to accompany you on a date? Most likely not.

Would you be willing to pay actual people to hear your music? Would you approach someone on the street and offer to pay them to listen to your song, or would you rather that they hear your latest track on the street, in a club, a local bar, or on the radio, and then pay YOU for the pleasure of listening to it?

Why Would You Want To Buy More Listeners, Followers, Or Plays?

OK, there's an apparent answer to that: get yourself known and get people to listen to your music as soon as possible! Sure, you can accomplish that to buy Spotify Plays. Is this, however, how you want to grow your following and reputation? Do you want to be recognized for phony plays and fake fans, or would you rather take things a little slower and discover genuine Spotify lovers that will be long-term advocates for you?

Do you want true love or just a fleeting fling?!

Don't get me wrong: purchasing play counts isn't a novel concept. Fake plays existed in the days when people really bought vinyl records. There have been several instances in which affluent musicians, managers, and families of would-be superstars purchased thousands of copies of a song in order to get it into the Top Ten on the charts. And, during the first week of sales, slash the price by up to 70% — simply to encourage people to buy it.

For Artists on Spotify

Spotify for Artists is free to use, and you can customize your artist profile to present yourself in the best light possible, promoting you and your music the way you want to be perceived. Getting a Spotify Artist Profile isn't easy unless you already have any songs on the platform. If you already have music on Spotify, you may "claim your profile" by going to the Spotify promotion for Artists home page. In case you want to get your own Spotify Artist's Profile (that is awesome from a consumer/listener profile) earlier than you release any track on Spotify, paintings with a distributor to get your song on Spotify, we are able to help you considering we address a variety of official Spotify curators to buy Spotify Plays.

Use Spotify to promote your business.

Spotify Ad Studio allows you to design audio commercials that are 30 seconds or less in length and are played to by Spotify listeners for free. On both desktop and mobile platforms, they show during commercial breaks between songs. Build an account and choose "Promote an artist's music on Spotify" as your campaign aim to quickly create an ad. Budget and targeting are under your control.

Playlist Promotional Campaign & Organic Spotify Plays

This is a wonderful method to have your music heard, and you may try to get it on the playlists yourself, but there is a lot of competition, and curators prefer to deal with reliable sources. We have connections with several of Spotify's curators, so get in contact to see how we can assist you.

Make Playlists Using Your Own Music.

Create a playlist of tracks that sound similar to your own if you already have music on Spotify. Don't limit yourself to making playlists using your own songs. You may share the playlist in the same way you would any other playlist when you buy Spotify Plays.


Collaborate with other unsigned musicians on Spotify that have the same sound as you. Make playlists using songs from each other. This is an excellent approach to increase the number of people that listen to your music streaming.

Unofficial Method

It's a little tricky, but if one of your songs has the same track title as a song that's currently popular on Spotify, it may be beneficial to you. People looking for that music may stumble discover yours, listen to it, and fall in love with it! Of course, you can't just choose a title out of thin air, but if it's relevant and acceptable for your music, having the same name might assist. Use Facebook to promote your business. If you don’t have a Facebook page then create one. Some people believe that everything revolves around Instagram. It's not the case. Facebook is extremely strong and fantastic for marketing yourself and your music through targeted advertising, Facebook event promotion, and boosted posts. Gigs Use FB to advertise your indicates and music and take into account that Spotify and FB (as well as Facebook and Instagram) are linked, so each may additionally help promote the opposite. Check to see whether your music is for sale. Make it possible for individuals to buy Spotify Plays to listen to your music if they enjoy it, for example, through an iTunes or Amazon account. Go to Spotify's key information page to learn everything you need to know about advertising yourself on the platform. Also, don't forget to include an artist playlist on your profile! Tips for Increasing Your Fan Base Without Spending Money - Patience is an asset. If you put out the effort, it will happen. Music of high quality

"Quality above quantity," as the cliche goes. Concentrate on creating high-quality music that can compete with famous performers. Be unique and inventive. Make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Can you buy Spotify plays?

buy Spotify Plays? The answer is yes, surely. When advertising your music using Spotify's music promotion service, providing alternative locations where you can lead and monetize your fans, such as using a URL shortener for your YouTube channel, is beneficial. Using other internet locations where listeners may purchase or view you elsewhere might help counterbalance and give a return on the investments you make in Spotify promotions. It's important to remember that no two services are similar. Look into and do some research on each of them that you believe may be beneficial to you, and make sure to address the expected outcomes for yourself so that you can select the greatest marketing for your music and buy Spotify Plays Cheap. The following are the top spotify promotion services: 1. Playlist Push

Playlist Push is a track pitching provider that assists artists and small labels in getting their track observed by means of Spotify playlist curators in addition to YouTube influencers. 2. Publicity Campaign

Sound Campaign is a platform that connects musicians with playlist curators. Get your music noticed by their large network of over 10.000 playlists, resulting in more genuine streams and more followers. 3. Musosoup is a soup made from mushrooms.

Whether you're an artist, management, or record label, Mososoup allows you to submit to the finest Spotify playlists, as well as stations, podcasts, influencers, and more. You will be able to directly communicate with the curators to accept, refuse, or discuss the proposals they make to you. Building a Spotify following takes a lot of patience and perseverance. There's no getting around the arduous task of developing your discography, brand, and fan base from the ground up. While the spotify promotion services mentioned in this article are real stepping stones toward building a musical empire, you shouldn't expect spectacular results right away. Avoid relying too much on promotional services because you'll still need organic growth to supplement bought marketing, especially if you want to maintain your overall development over time. With that in mind, you're still seeking a return on your Spotify promotion spending. Keep in mind that no two services are the same, with different timetables for expected outcomes and service scopes strewn throughout the globe. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get right into the list of the top Spotify marketing services: Spotify has grown to grow to be one of the most famous music-sharing websites on the internet. This does not, however, imply that it will be easy. In reality, if you want to reach a larger portion of your target audience, you'll face several obstacles, so you should buy Spotify Plays Cheap. This is due to the fact that standing out in a crowd with original music is almost hard. How can you make it work in a world when everyone is attempting to accomplish the same goals as you?

Do you do it yourself in the hopes of manually cracking the industry?

Or do you have a different strategy for making it huge on Spotify? Let's take a closer look.

Should you invest in Spotify playlists?

Acquiring Spotify plays carries the same risk as purchasing YouTube or Instagram followers. If you purchase Spotify plays from a low-quality firm, Spotify will have a lot to say about it, and it will not be good. What would be the best-case scenario? Spotify flags you, and your actions are restricted as a result. Worst-case scenario? Spotify chooses to terminate your account. It is quite tough to regain your reputation after being blacklisted by Spotify.

Another factor to consider here is Spotify's algorithm. There's a slim possibility that if you buy false Spotify plays or use a bot to automate things, they'll really listen to your music. Spotify is less likely to rank you favorably in their suggestions if you receive less listening time on your music.

This is a serious issue. You're just paying for your material to seem nice, rather than having genuine listeners who listen to the entire song and even share it with friends they believe would enjoy it. You're not taking advantage of the millions of people that listen to Spotify every day to help you build your brand. While we've discussed some of the hazards associated with purchasing Spotify plays, it doesn't imply you shouldn't do so. It simply implies that you must use caution and judgment while deciding how to proceed. Rather than jumping from zero to thousands of Spotify listens in a single day, take it slowly. It started with a few hundred or thousand dollars. Return your attention to your music, then determine whether or not to buy something else. You can work your way up the Spotify popularity ladder this way, and your plays will appear genuine.

What's the best way to get Spotify plays?

There are three primary methods for purchasing Spotify plays. Everything has its own set of benefits and cons.

Let's have a look at them.

1. Spotify Commercials

Spotify advertisements are the second option to acquire Spotify plays. Spotify, like any other popular social media site, such as YouTube or Instagram, offers a paid ad system that allows users to advertise their music to their intended audience. As a result, you're not actually buying Spotify plays; instead, you're accumulating them through Spotify's ad system. The extra you pay Spotify to promote your music, the more people are possible to check out your playlists and sign on as month-to-month listeners. This method is more natural than purchasing Spotify plays straight, and it might take a long time to increase your monthly Spotify listeners and plays. The disadvantage of this method is that it is rather costly. Only those with a substantial budget for social media marketing on their Spotify account will be able to afford anything like this, as it is a big cost for a little return.

2. Additional Ad Networks

You might not realize it, but you can drive visitors to your Spotify profile using other ad networks. Of course, there's Facebook, but there are also lesser-known choices like Outbrain. Other ad networks, on the other hand, have far less user intent. This implies you'll have to go out to other social media platforms and websites to get individuals to join your Spotify profile. This strategy is similar to cold calling in that they weren't even thinking about listening to your Spotify music before you called. Because you aren't connecting with folks who are already on the site, this technique is more difficult. This also implies that your cost-per-view may be much greater, which means that increasing the number of plays on your Spotify tunes may cost a lot of money. The advantage of this strategy is that it exposes you to a much larger network of people, which is fantastic for track recognition and boosting your name as an artist in general. This is a wonderful choice if you're looking to locate other individuals online and convert them to Spotify listeners. Just keep in mind that getting your Spotify profile to a nice point where you're happy with your play count will cost you a lot of money.

Marketing with Influencers

Making use of influencer marketing is another approach to purchase Spotify plays. This method has the advantage of exposing you to a much broader network of individuals, which is great for track recognition and improving your overall artist name. If you're trying to find other people online and convert them to Spotify listeners, this is a great option. Just bear in mind that bringing your Spotify profile to a beautiful point where you're satisfied with your play count will be expensive. That's all there is to it. Which of the three primary methods of purchasing Spotify plays do you think you'll attempt first now that you've seen them? Of course, your selection is influenced by a variety of variables.



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