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What is a Linkedin Connection

Linkedin Connection is a business mutual following of two linkedin accounts. These connections are important and represent the network of professionals across the world and across industries. Aged and boosted Linkedin profiles have thousands of connections on linkedin. Every connection implies that your follower will read your posts and see your activity in the feed.

How to Get More Linkedin Connections

Getting more friends and followers on Linkedin can be difficult in 2020. Especially, it is not easy to find valuable contacts on Linkedin. Sometimes you need to search and connect to particular specialists and influencers. For instance, how do you manage to connect to 100 marketing specialists from American enterprises in a day? Letā€™s say you need only real linkedin profiles and active users. You can do it either organically or using our exclusive software.

Finding and following people organically:

  • Create unique and outstanding content in your feed
  • Write a long read text in your linkedin bio section in order to give idea who you are and what you are doing and why you may be of interest for other linkedin members
  • Create your own friends circle on linkedin following other profiles one by own and see how people follow back (follow back rate)
  • Post valuable links and entertaining content
  • Use search section on Linkedin discovering dedicated talents and profiles that can grow your circle

Generate Linkedin Connections with Software:

  • Visit Likigram SMM Linkedin tool
  • Enter your linkedin profile url correctly
  • See it is fetched properly
  • Proceed with Get button
  • Lay back and wait up to 6 hours in order to obtain free LI connections
  • You can repeat this free trial sample again in next 24 hours

How to Get Linkedin Connections Base

While Likigram does not operate, sell or buy personal linkedin userdata, we provide linkedin connection services. It means that you can get 100 linkedin connections for free and use them for your business needs.