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Free SoundCloud followers

This is a very special social platform - people on SoundCloud express themselves through music. For some, it’s a place to start their journey as musicians and composers. For some, it’s a professional hub to find new opportunities in their career, meet interesting people, and reach even higher levels of music-related creativity. And all of them need more followers on SoundCloud to reach their goals.

On Likigram, you can get 50 free SoundCloud followers and boost your success.

How can I get more free SoundCloud followers?

First of all, your music should be very good. If people enjoy your tracks, it means you have the biggest part of the process done. The remaining details are not so creative but nevertheless they are very significant - you should make sure people can actually listen to your music.

Like with many other social media (such as Instagram), to get free followers on Soundcloud, you should be an active member of the community. For example, when you spread IG likes, write comments on Instagram, and follow other people, they become interested in your account and also like, comment, and follow back. The situation with SoundСloud is quite similar - to get followers here, you should allow other people to find your account and your music.

Another piece of advice for SoundCloud is to not limit your activity to this platform only. Many of your potential fans use other social media - let them find you there! Take steps for having more Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers. Be active on as many social networks as possible and then invite these people to check out your SoundCloud channel and follow it.

This free SoundCloud offer from Likigram is a significant support for all your primary activity (and creativity). To get 50 followers:

  • Enter your SoundCloud name in the special field on this page and press Select
  • Paste your email address and press the button Get 50 Free Followers

5 benefits of having more SoundCloud followers

Most creative people like to share their artworks. But why?

  • Many followers on SoundCloud open amazing opportunities. Music is always on demand - or at least good music. There are some business people of the industry who are constantly looking for talents. Let them find you! And make them feel like your music is worthy of their attention. Success is more likely to come to those who are already successful. It’s like, you should have many Facebook likes to get even more.
  • It’s your creative freedom. At the start, many creators feel some uncertainty - will the people like their music/images/videos/text? Then, if they manage to find their audience, they become more confident and bloom as authors with new power. Just check out popular streamers - after getting many Twitch followers, they become more experimental and somehow more interesting.
  • Find amazing creative partners. Being an individual creator is great. But what if someone offers you a cool collaboration? Making a film together? Work on a game? Having many SC followers may open such doors as well.
  • More SoundCloud followers - more money. It’s again like with Twitch popularity. The more followers you have on that streaming platform, the more people cheer you with Twitch bits. On SoundCloud you can join the Premier program and get revenue share from the company. And a big number of followers on SC is required for this.
  • It’s just a great satisfaction to know people enjoy your music. Most people need to feel positive feedback to get that motivation to move forward. Many TikTok fans motivate work on new videos. SoundClod is not an exception in this rule.


Let’s answer some popular questions.

  • Is it safe for my account?
  • Likigram uses techniques that work in tune with terms of social platforms. You keep full control over your account.

  • Why is it free?
  • 50 SoundCloud followers in this offer is a sample of real possibilities of Likigram. Many of our customers, who later buy SoundCloud followers, use this free offer first.

  • What would you recommend to do next?
  • Make your new followers involved in your channel. Prepare some new posts to let them feel - this SoundCloud account is active and you can regularly get new great music here.

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