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If your short videos are good, people willingly like them. But only if your TikTok creativity is really great, they spend time on making comments. Thatā€™s why TikTok comments are so valuable - users of this social platform discuss extraordinary posts that attract attention and wake up various emotions. In fact, this is true for many other social media! Only great videos get many YouTube comments and only especially awesome photos have lots of Instagram comments.

Also, many viewers of TikTok videos are reluctant to be the first who leaves a comment. And also, they prefer to join big discussions - write something under those posts that already have many comments on TikTok. So, how to get comments if you only start your amazing experience here? Thanks to Likigram, you can get 10 free TikTok comments and thus motivate people to watch your videos and discuss them.

How can I get more free TikTok comments?

Using technical tools of Likigram is a powerful support for your primary activity on social platforms. For example, you can get more Twitter likes or Facebook followers - but this canā€™t become a substitute to making interesting tweets and remarkable FB posts.

Free comments on TikTok support your presence on this platform in the same way. They boost organic interest to your posts, so you should make such videos that would keep that interest growing. Your fun, beautiful, mind-blowing, and breathtaking videos are always the primary power for being successful on TikTok. This is a crucial, hard, but also super exciting part of the whole process. Getting free comments through Likigram is much easier:

  1. Paste the link to your TikTok post and press the Select button;
  2. Enter your email and press the button Get 10 Free TikTok Comments.

5 benefits of having more TikTok comments

Why are TikTok creators so hungry for comments?

  • TikTok comments indicate deep involvement of the audience. And this is always a good sign - whether you work on a personal brand or popularize a product/service. Likes may be given even absentmindedly, but people usually remember videos they decide to comment.
  • Comments on TikTok bring the general popularity on this platform. Other people pay attention to videos with many comments, like them, and become fans of the author. Internal algorithms feel a good response to a video with many comments and place it (and other posts of this account) in feeds of the TikTok users more often. Similar algorithms place videos with many YouTube likes and comments on top of the search results.
  • Comments attract the attention of direct sponsors on TikTok. If you want to earn money on this platform by popularizing various brands, you need to make your account popular first. And comments here are quite significant! Itā€™s like you need to have many Instagram views to secure profitable partnerships with direct sponsors.
  • Popularize your personality and activity outside TikTok. Online celebrities rarely limit their activity to one social platform only. They want to be present everywhere to reach an even bigger audience. Many people use TikTok to find clients for their business, viewers for their Twitch streams, readers for their books, listeners to their SoundCloud tracks, etc. You also should consider this possibility.
  • Interact with your audience. There is no better way to get feedback from your viewers than through their comments. This will help you to understand these people and make a targeted content for them. And of course, such communication with people is a great motivation for moving forward in your creativity and working on many new videos in the future.


These answers may help you to get rid of any doubt.

  • Will these comments be meaningful? Are they from real people?
  • Likigram offers comments from real accounts. They will look and sound natural, giving positive feedback to your creativity.

  • Can this offer harm my reputation on the platform?
  • Using any social media service of Likigram is absolutely safe for your account. Delivering free TikTok comments works in tune with the terms of this platform.

  • This is such a great offer? Why are these comments on TikTok free?
  • This is a promo offer. Many of our clients prefer trying out possibilities of our site and only then buy various paid TikTok services regularly.

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