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TikTok has taken international social media by storm since its launch in 2017. Its parent app called Douyin in China, launched by Bytedance in 2016, has been merged with to woo a worldwide audience and has shattered all records. As of January 2022, it has over 1 Billion monthly active users spread across 154 countries in 75+ languages globally.

Some facts about Tiktok:

TikTok is the sixth most used social- media app globally and is watched mostly for funny and engaging content worldwide.

It's popular among the GenX and Gen Z populations. More than 70% of the users on TikTok are between 18 to 34 years of age. They find it entertaining.

TikTok has been named the most downloaded app of 2021, with 656 million downloads worldwide.

TikTok has been considered one of the most engaging social media applications. It grabs the attention of the user like no other. The average user session on TikTok is also high compared to other platforms. The user who just logged in on the app for watching just a single video logged out after one hour can vouch for the engagement on the app.

With over a billion-plus monthly active users spending multiple hours on Titok, making it a perfect place for marketers to market & advertise their brand products & services.

TikTok platform's multi-million users have become a crowded place and to stand out showcasing your brand to the people requires a lot of time, effort, and patience. If your brand's target -audience is young, in the age bracket of 18 to 34 years of age -Start building the brand on TikTok and head on to Likigram to Get Free 50 TikTok Likes on your selected TikTok post.

How to Get Free 50 TikTok Likes from Likigram?

To avail your free 50 TikTok Likes from Likigram, follow the following steps:

1)Paste the link from your TikTok post in the blank field on this page and press select.

2)Enter your email id and press the button to Get a Free 50 TikTok likes from Likigram.

Thus it's a fast & hassle-free way of getting free likes on your TikTok post to increase its engagement and likes across the platform.

Benefits of getting TikTok Likes are as follows:

1) Boosts engagement

Getting more TikTok Likes helps increase engagement on your post by letting more people explore your content. The Likes & engagement help get more views and a push by the TikTok algorithm as more people find it interesting.

2) Provides motivation

Getting more audience to view your content by increasing engagement via likes does provide motivation and confidence to the creator that their work is receiving recognition. The platform helps creative individuals to explore their art. Getting TikTok Likes is the source of inspiration for the creators.

3) Networking

Getting TikTok Likes aids in getting discovered by the people. It helps in getting explored through their content by the people and provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. This platform opens the door full of opportunities where an individual can scale new heights.

4)Get an audience for other platforms

TikTok Likes is the way of telling people that they admire and like your content. It directs them to check your presence on other social media platforms and get an audience who already admires your work in increasing your Soundcloud Follower, Instagram followers, etc. Most of the audience is active on more than one platform. Hence good on one platform directs the audience to another platform to check out your work.

How do you get Free TikTok Likes without accreditation?

Getting free TikTok likes after the lengthy accreditation process consumes loads of time and sucks energy without delivering that much. Keeping these websites at bay, let's look at other ways to grow your TikTok likes count to get users to visit your profile.

1) Randomly alter between getting free like trials and purchasing them to make it look organic and realistic, without seemingly unreal.

2) Use hashtags like -for -like, double- engagement, and give-and-take, to your video content to attract new creators looking for mutual liking and admiration.

3)Engaging with other content creators on the platform also acts similar to getting free likes & comments on your post. Interacting with other users helps get to know about them. What all they are processing and discussing your plans together. Networking has far more benefits and is not just limited to increasing likes & comments on the post only. It helps expand your audiences and furthers your reach on the platform.

4)Create quality and engaging content, and follow recent trends and challenges. It lets you increase your chances to get featured on the front page of TikTok - For You Page with over more than 15billion views. A large number of people explore your content increasing its popularity.

5)Look out for online TikTok- likes giveaways on Reddit Threads & subreddits. They help you increase your likes count to get more engagement and let other people discover you on the platform. It may sound easy but requires a trial and error methodology before you finally grab one such giveaway.

6)Using search engines to find sources for free TikTok Likes. Write search phrases in inverted commas to get close results.

7)Another simple method is to visit Likegram to get Free 50 TikTok likes on your post, saving up your time & effort utilizing your energy on unleashing your creative aspect.

Why does some TikTok Like App fail to work?

More than 90% of apps that offers free likes ask for human verification. Though, it is crucial to stop the hacking attempts and curtail bots. The app owners seek otherwise monetary benefits. After being listed on Google Play Store or app store, the owner starts showing ads to monetize visitors. Small tasks like filling out surveys and watching advertisements let Creators /users collect exchangeable points in place of free likes.

There are two-sided to the story. Some apps that provide you with free TikTok Likes have their manual user base ready to engage on your posts. They do so in exchange for monetary rewards for which the owner pays for the money received from the advertisers. Other apps use TikTok bots to automate liking and viewing as a cheaper alternative to manual liking.

Algorithms clamp down on bots blocking systems. Thus it takes a trial and error process to find legit engagement generator applications.

How safe or risky is it to get free TikTok likes?

Apart from your service provider does not require human verification and providing passwords, factors like speed, quantity, and expanse of getting free TikTok are essential factors.

Service providers offer TikTok likes at different speeds ranging from immediate to medium to fast to avoid getting caught by TikTok Algorithms for suspicion. For example, if your account is relatively new with few posts and limited visitors. Getting hundred of likes immediately after you post is suspicious. Hence it's crucial to remain on the safe side and not exceed the average number of likes per post. Calculating the average number of likes per post is simple- divide the total number of likes by the total number of posts on the profile.

The number of likes on the profile post ideally must vary. As it's obvious, some posts perform better than others. Getting the same number of likes on every post doesn't seem organic. Websites such as Likigram offers both free and paid services. You can always consider alternating between buying paid TikTok likes for your favorite posts & get free TikTok likes in between. In this way, there is randomness in the TikTok likes, maintaining the quantity and the expanse.

How Important are free TikTok Likes on the platform?

The Likes & Comments are the two pillars of the engagement on the TikTok Profile. More engagement - more likes and comments on the TikTok profile reflects its popularity. Free TikTok likes are as important as the paid ones only if they deliver the quality likes, which further helps grow your profile.

However, TikTok Likes alone are not the measuring criteria for success. Along with TikTok Likes, other factors like comments, shares, rewatch, and retention plays a crucial role in pushing your content further by TikTok algorithms. If you post good content and people engage with the content - TikTok likes will help in getting discovered for the content.

Why should you Get views on your TikTok videoes, too?

The simple answer to this question is - Yes Since the likes and views on the platform are interdependent. Getting hundreds of likes without sufficient post views on the platform seems like a bogus idea. It will cause you more harm than good. On average, the ratio between the views & likes is 10:1. To avoid algorithm suspicion and persuing things following the TikTok Violation policy, it is advisable to buy TikTok Views before buying like to maintain the ratio between the likes and views accordingly. It avoids unpleasant incidents like removing videos or profile suspension.

Do more TikTok Likes help get paid?

Though TikTok likes help to increase your visibility across the platform, it helps gain a wider audience, and building your brand is the stepping stone to getting you paid on TikTok via brand sponsorships and the Creators' fund. However, getting a higher number of likes doesn't pay you anything.

When marketers consider potential influencers for brand sponsorships, they look for the creator's profile to have high engagement rates. Though direct likes & high engagement on the posts don't pay, they reflect your popularity on the platform, which does help in grabbing deals from sponsorships. Similarly, for getting a creator's fund - the only things that matter on the social media platform are the views and engagement on the posts.

TikTok likes don't directly pay you anything but certainly help you fetch ways to get paid. The creators have millions of followers and fans, whom people admire, and high engagement on their profile with millions of views, certainly grabbing deals as brand sponsorship. Hence, getting TikTok likes does matter in progressing your journey on TikTok.It is the best platform to unleash your creative desires and explore your artistic abilities. Because of these reasons - it has been popular among GenX and Gen Z, where they spend a considerable amount of time.

Free TikTok likes

This social platform is a blast! TikTok burst into our lives and brought a fresh wave of excitement. And also, it has opened new opportunities for creative people - to express themselves through short videos.

Still, quite soon, TikTok got the same problems in developing your account as many other popular social media. It’s very simple to get lost among thousands of creators and millions of videos. The internal algorithms prefer supporting those accounts that already have many fans and likes. An initial boost is needed to let your content stay out from the crowd - and Likigram is here to give you that boost. Get 50 free TikTok likes and allow yourself to concentrate on creativity!

How can I get more free TikTok likes?

The basic recipe here is similar to our advice for all the other social platforms - create great content for your audience and stay active to allow people to find your account. If you are good at streaming, you easily get Twitch followers. If you are good at making videos, they easily get YouTube comments. Use this recipe for your short videos and TikTok likes will come to you organically.

Find your own style, and make your posts unique and interesting. Think over people who would watch your content and create something especially for them. It’s also important you make posts regularly. It’s the same as with Twitter likes - if you post something often, people interact with your content more and then your new posts get shown even more often in their newsfeed. People like the feeling of stability even on such unpredictable social media as TikTok.

This recipe works perfectly well - but it can’t give you the starting power. Likigram can! To get 50 TikTok likes for free, just follow these steps:

  1. Paste the link to your TikTok post in the special field on this page and press Select.
  2. Enter your email and press the button Get 50 Free TikTok Likes.

5 benefits of having more TikTok likes

It seems like everyone wants to have more likes for their social posts. But why do you need more TikTok likes?

  • Likes are the basis for popularity. Everything on social platforms starts with likes. The growth of your followers base starts with Facebook likes. Many comments usually come after many YouTube likes. You need this basis on TikTok as well if you want to develop your account here for personal or professional purposes.
  • TikTok likes direct your creativity. When you know what makes your audience happy, you can feel in which direction you should move with your next posts.
  • Likes attract the attention of sponsors and business partners. Many brands look for new innovative ways to increase popularity of their products and services. They would be happy to use your content for this, but naturally, they prefer collaborating with popular accounts. It’s like with Instagram likes - if your posts have good feedback, sooner or later sponsors find you.
  • Likes open new opportunities. Whether you work on your personal brand or popularize a company through TikTok, you will definitely be interested in reaching more people. If they like your content, they remember your face/name or your product/service. Successful TikTok accounts naturally attract interesting offers beyond this platform. It’s almost like developing your network of Linkedin connections.
  • Likes on TikTok give audiences to your other online projects. It’s always a clever idea for an online personality to be present on as many platforms as possible. Through TikTok, you can get more SoundCloud followers and better Reddit karma. Consider your activity on all these social media as parts of one campaign!


Likigram customers often have these questions:

  • Is it safe for my account?
  • Yes! You never share your personal data with Likigram and don’t lose control of your account. The techniques of our TikTok service work in tune with the terms of this platform.

  • I ordered free likes on TikTok and still haven’t got them. Why?
  • Be patient. The process of delivering your likes takes some time to look organic for your audience.

  • Why is it free?
  • It’s a promo offer for our primary service. Many of our clients first order free likes and then regularly buy TikTok likes on Likigram.

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