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Free Twitch bits

For many Twitch streamers, this platform has become the primary occupation and source of money income. Regardless of what you stream here, the path to getting revenue from this process has a few common stages. First, you should get a basic audience. Then, the viewers start supporting you with bits. Later, you become a Twitch partner and get money from advertisers. In the end, the most successful Twitch influencers get a sponsor and start popularizing one particular brand. All the steps here are not simple, but taking the initial ones is especially hard - the competition is super high. Boost your success with this offer from Likigram and get 1000 Twitch bits for free.

When people see someone make a bit, they become less reluctant to do the same. The process is similar to getting many Instagram views only if the video already has a big number on the views counter.

How can I get more free Twitch bits?

Nothing is more significant on Twitch than your direct relationships with the audience. Find your personal style - try and be yourself, be unique. Think over your target audience and make streams especially for these people. Build your viewer base, be live regularly, and you will definitely get Twitch bits. The same pattern works also for getting YouTube subscribers.

But even very successful streamers pass through the period when no one knows them and no one wants to cheer for them. Some people should make an example. But who would make the same example for those first supporters? Here is where 1000 free bits from Likigram come in handy. So, how to get them?

  • Enter your Twitch name in the field on this page and press Select
  • Enter your email address and press the button Get Free Twitch Bits

5 benefits of having more Twitch bits

  • It’s the start of having even more bits. It seems like this pattern works on every social platform. For example, many TikTok fans help to get an even bigger audience for your account. Just remember - you also may feel more eager to cheer for someone on Twitch and offer them many bits if other viewers already do so.
  • Bits is your basic revenue on Twitch. It may be not enough to become a world-famous celebrity, but it’s the possibility to be more concentrated on the streams and invest in developing your account even more time.
  • Bits attract attention to your account. The company may not reveal its hidden algorithms, but many people agree that the more bits/views/followers you get on Twitch, the more often other people see your streams in their feeds and search results. On the other popular video service, you need to have lots of YouTube comments and likes to get shown to potential viewers more often. Bits on Twitch for free help to gain this power.
  • Sponsors definitely pay attention to the bits. Popular brands do not come to poor streamers to save them. They look for successful personalities to offer win/win cooperation.
  • Many bits it’s your key to freedom. Successful streamers are more relaxed and free in their creativity. They are confident in their revenue and can experiment a lot. Their opinion becomes meaningful. Their presence becomes notable. And everything starts with getting free bits on Twitch - allow yourself to start this journey!


The experience proves that many Likigram users have questions, similar to these:

  • Why is this offer free?
  • You can’t expect to build your Twitch success on 1000 free bits. And you need more than 100 free Reddit karma to become an influencer there. Such offers of Likigram allow our potential clients to try out our services in practice. We know that many prefer to continue our cooperation and buy Twitch bits regularly.

  • When the bits will be delivered?
  • Be patient! The whole process should look natural for your existing viewers, so the process takes some reasonable time.

  • Do I risk getting banned?
  • Likigram doesn’t violate the terms and rules of social platforms. Our technical tools work in tune with the Twitch algorithms.

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