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Free YouTube Comments

If people like your YT videos, they click that like button. If they are intrigued by your style and content, they subscribe to your channel. And if they become super involved in the topic or amazed by your talent, they even take their time to leave comments on YouTube. These three actions from viewers are the main criteria of success on this platform, and internal algorithms know this perfectly well.

You can get quite a lot of YouTube likes - this is a very good but only initial step. Then you should increase the number of YT subscribers. It’s a much bigger achievement. But comments may be even more significant because people are reluctant to write something, they should be seriously hooked by the video. That’s why comments are so valuable. Getting them is a challenging task, especially for beginners. Many creators have found an almost perfect solution - they get 100 free YouTube comments through Likigram!

How can I get more free YouTube comments?

First of all, you should post really good videos. Technical tools are very helpful but they only support your primary activity. Due to the high competitiveness, often it’s impossible to succeed without such extra support. It’s like getting free followers on Twitch which is essential but at the same time nothing if you don’t make awesome streams.

Likigram is a very popular tool, and now the service makes a great offer for potential clients. To get 100 comments on YouTube for free:

  1. Paste the YT video link to the field on this page and press Select;
  2. Enter your email address and press Get Free Comments.

5 benefits of having more YouTube comments

Most YouTubers ask for more comments on YT, but why do they need them? Here are five reasons:

  • Comments are a direct reason to improve the status of your video for YouTube algorithms. The video will be shown in the search results and offered to the viewers more often.
  • A big number of comments make people more involved in the video (similar to Instagram comments). They become more interested in why others make comments, and this increases the number of YouTube views.
  • Videos with many comments bring more money to the authors. Both algorithms and involvement of the viewers allow earning from advertisements.
  • This is the best direct communication with your audience. Free YouTube comments motivate other people to make comments, so you know for sure whether they are happy with your videos or not and what they want to see in the future.
  • YouTube comments make up a significant factor for direct sponsors. Brands would pay to be associated with a YouTuber who gains a lot of comments (and who has many Twitter followers)


  • Is it safe?
  • Yes! There is no risk in getting YouTube comments for free on Likigram. The service does not get access to your personal data. Your reputation on YouTube gets only a positive effect.

  • Will comments be from real people?
  • They will be from real accounts. The video gets positive feedback in the comments through meaningful phrases. Everything feels super real for your viewers, even if the process is more complicated than just getting free Facebook followers.

  • How can I get even more comments?
  • Free comments on YouTube is not a miracle. It’s a working offer that allows you to try out the capabilities of Likigram and then decide to buy YouTube comments regularly.

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YouTube is a great platform but social activities of people are not limited to it. That’s why we encourage our customers to expand their online presence to other communities and thus boost their YT success. On Likigram you can get:

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