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Having an Instagram account may be very entertaining - you have a great time enjoying all those beautiful photos and interesting videos. For creators, Instagram gives an exceptional way to express their personality and share their unique vision. In addition to that, Instagram is also a great channel for social media marketing - for many years already, brands inform people about their products and services through clever visual advertisements.

Whether you develop your personal account or work on a business page on Instagram, you do it not only for fun but also for achieving some measurable results - getting more active followers, increasing the engagement rate, and at the end, making more money. All sorts of Likigram technical tools will be helpful on this path, and Instagram Audit is one of them.

How can free Instagram Audit help?

Thanks to this simple tool, you can get lots of useful information about your Insta account. You will see data on:

  • followers and how many of them are fake
  • engagement rate
  • estimate earnings per post

The IG Audit tool even rates the account on the base of various data.

How to use Instagram Audit?

Like with other Insta tools on Likigram (such as IG money calculator), you can order free audit just in two steps:

  1. Paste your Instagram name
  2. Press the Search icon

How to use information from the audit

In general, it would be easy to say that some numbers should be as big as possible and others just opposite:

  • The engagement rate should be big. 3% is a common result for most Insta accounts. Everything above 5% can be considered good.
  • The number of fake followers should be small. For both personal and business accounts, it is important to gather an active audience, not empty digits. Some number of fake followers is ok - especially if you want to boost your progress on this platform and attract real people. On social media, users often follow those who already have many followers (popular YouTube channels easily get even more YT subscribers).

On the base of this data, you can understand where to put more effort. For example:

  • A low engagement rate - make your posts more interesting to engage your audience. Define your niche to create appropriate content. Stay active on Instagram - itā€™s the same principle as liking othersā€™ posts to get more Facebook likes);
  • A small number of followers and many of them are fake - concentrate on interacting with Insta users more. Share links to your account on other social platforms. For example, you can find your audience among Twitter followers and TikTok fans. Donā€™t forget about the quality of your content!

Instagram Audit helps understand your current situation and feel the ways of further development.


  • Is this Instagram Audit tool free?
  • Yes, you can paste your Insta name and use the Audit tool with no limitations?

  • Can I check out info on someone elseā€™s account?
  • Our IG Audit gathers public info, and you donā€™t need to use any personal data to see the results. So, yes.

  • Why does Likigram give this helpful tool?
  • We offer lots of service for social media marketing. After having the results from Insta Audit, our guests and customers become interested in boosting their success with our technical tools.

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