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Instagram is full of great content. In most situations, it’s totally enough to enjoy it in the standard way - by scrolling the feed. Still, in some cases, you may need to get a photo or video onto your device. And here, our Instagram Downloader will be super helpful.

How to download Insta videos and photos?

The process is extremely simple:

  1. Paste the link to IG post you want to download;
  2. Press the button Get

Where to find the link to Instagram videos or photos to download? In the Instagram application, just press the menu button of the post (three dots) and choose Copy Link.

With the Likigram downloader of photos and videos from Instagram, you don’t need to install any special app - everything you need is on this page of our service absolutely for free.

Instagram video downloader

Videos on Instagram may be funny, emotional, beautiful - and time after time, you may find an IG video you want to download. It’s impossible to do through the standard tool of the original application. It’s super easy to do with the Instagram video downloader from Likigram.

What you may need a video for? The reasons to download Insta videos are so different. For example, you want to send it to a friend in a messenger and don’t want to do this through the link. Or, you have a significant number of Twitter followers and want to show them that awesome IG video. Some creators may want to use instagram videos for making something interesting for their TikTok fans or YouTube subscribers.

Is it legal to download Instagram videos? Yes, but you should be careful with the following use of that file. It belongs to the author and this person can disagree with your public re-sharing and creative editing. We strongly recommend asking for permission.

Instagram photo downloader

Instagram is full of great photos. Quite often, people want to have them in their collections. Maybe you know that person and want to keep a pic with them. Or you plan a trip and make a set of views - to decide where to go.

Many creators decide to download Instagram photos to use them in videos (for getting many YouTube likes) or editing and sharing on other social platforms (for getting many Reddit upvotes). Please, do so only if you are sure the author agrees with such use of their intellectual property. Like with the video, it would be much better to get permission first.

5 benefits of using free Instagram downloader video & photo

  • You don’t need to install any application
  • You can get any content from Instagram
  • Download photo and video from Instagram without registration on Likigram
  • IG photos or videos will be downloaded with high quality
  • There is no limits on downloading Instagram photos and videos


If you still have some questions, check out the answers here.

  • Is this Instagram downloader free?
  • Yes. Just paste the link and get the photo or video.

  • Is the process of Insta downloading anonymous?
  • Yes, the author will not get any notification. And Likigram doesn’t ask for any of your data.

  • Why do you give people this tool?
  • We believe in common sense - Instagram users should have an opportunity to download content, and this doesn't mean they want to violate the copyright. Likigram has many great services for social media marketing, and this tool is a pleasant addition for our guests and customers.

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