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Your Instagram account can be profitable. The paths to getting revenue are different but they all start from making your posts popular. Many views, likes, and comments mean a high engagement rate, so companies will be interested in featuring their products and services inside such content.

At some point, most Instagram users consider the possibility to earn on their online social activity. Is it worth starting right now or it would be better to put more effort into popularizing your content and getting new followers? Likigram offers a simple but very helpful tool that gives the general understanding of what revenue you can have from your account - please, use this Instagram money calculator absolutely for free!

How to calculate money income from an Instagram account?

Our tool uses various factors to give the result. The process of using it is as simple as pie:

  1. Enter your Instagram name (everything after @);
  2. Press the Search icon.

You will see the actual statistics of your account: the number of followers and the number of video posts. Also, the Insta money calculator informs on:

  • Max and Min earnings per post
  • The engagement rate

The more followers you have, the bigger earnings you could have (starting from 5.000 followers is a good number for making money). It’s also important to have an active audience - people should interact with your posts in various ways to improve the engagement rate (most IG users have 3%, good rates start from 5%)

How to actually earn the sum shown by IG money calculator?

The first reaction of many people is - ok, where can I get the payout? In practice, everything is not that easy. Instagram doesn’t offer the partnering program (money you have from advertisements for many Twitch followers or YouTube views). To really earn on Instagram, you should have a direct sponsorship from companies.

If your active audience is big, the companies may knock into your doors and offer a partnership. The chances for this are not very big, but you can increase them by concentrating on the quality of your content and better engagement of the IG users.

If your active audience is average, you may need to look for sponsors on your own. Two ways for doing this are:

  • Write directly to various companies and offer your service. Look for marketing or PR contacts on their website to speak directly with people who make a decision.
  • Use various Influencer Marketplaces (such as Fohr or Grapevine), where you can list your social profiles and become part of an advertising campaign.

How to make more money on Instagram?

The answer here is simple and at the same time complicated. To make money on Instagram, first you should make your account on this social platform popular. So, how to do this? Here are some pieces of advice:

  • Find your niche. Who are you? What do you want to show your followers? It is better to be constant in this decision and do not jump from women fashion to super cars too often. Many topics can be combined, so better to define people you make content for.
  • Make quality photos and videos. Publish them regularly. Fill your Insta page with posts you will be proud of. Regular posts better engage the audience.
  • Stay active on Instagram. Like photos and leave your comments - such an activity shares a type of invitations to check out your profile and interact with your content.
  • Be present on other social media. Look for your audience everywhere. Your Facebook followers may find your IG posts very interesting and like them. You TikTok fans may use Instagram and follow you here too.
  • Use helpful technical tools. Most popular influencers use them to become even more successful. Explore Likigram, and you’ll find here many services that will boost your progress as an influencer on Instagram and other platforms.


  • Is this Instagram money calculator free?
  • Yes! Just paste an IG name and see the results.

  • Are the numbers precise?
  • They are quite precise, but your actual revenue strongly depends on your niche and direct agreements with the sponsoring companies.

  • Can the Insta calculator harm my account?
  • No, this is just an analytical tool (like our free Instagram audit). You don’t share personal data - and can even check out any other account.

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