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We can help you Build Great Products and Services

Likigram is a part of MediaRockstar company and we specialize in solutions for Social Medias, Gaming industry, Video Streaming and other digital products or services. Our team has extended experience in product development, strategy and marketing, so we can help you build a working business or a solution for your needs.

MediaRockstar cooperates with various projects and lets you join our partnership. We provide these ready solutions:

  • Traffic and Marketing Growth - we will deliver you engaged traffic and help your business grow

  • A Botnet solution for Social Media, Cryptocurrency and other markets

  • Game development and Game retail - we will help you sell your digital items

  • Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok Marketing campaigs

  • SEO and Copywriting services


Contact our team today for a partnership today and create the right solution for your business needs.



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