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Twitch is the major video streaming platform for gamers. There are over 500M active users on Twitch who stream, watch, comment and of course make money. Twitch is getting bigger and bigger every day attracting business not only from the gaming industry but also from other niches such as fintech, marketing tools and retail. This is a great opportunity for a regular gamer to start his or her streamer career on Twitch. But there is a big question, how much money streamers make? We all know that it is possible to make $1000 on Twitch monthly as a passive income. However what about larger amounts of money? How much money Ninja does make on Twitch? This is where our Twitch Money Calculator comes in help.

How Twitch Money Calculator Works

This Twitch Money Calculator relies mainly on streamerā€™s statistics: followers, views, comments and engagement rate. Then, combining all these metrics together our money calculator does the math relying on formulas and showing the final estimate. Usually streamers make from $100 to $5000 monthly on Twitch. Of course, there are big names like Ninja who make from $100000 per month on Twitch. But this case is unique and unbeatable. So, you can check how much money other streamers make on twitch. Just copy a twitch channel name and paste it to the search bar. Then, see the income rate of any channel.

How to Become a Twitch Partner

Recently Twitch has released a new type of partnership called a Twitch Partner. This is an affiliate based model of cooperation that suggests a stremear gets 5 percent every time as someone is registered on Twitch platform through his or her referral link. This is a new and awesome way to make money on Twitch. Many popular twitch streamers have become twitch partners and now they earn money on affiliation as well.

How to get more followers on Twitch

Getting more followers on Twitch is not a big deal anymore. You can buy Twitch Followers on Likigram anytime you would like to increase your fanbase. You can buy up to 10000 Twitch followers on Likigram. Our followers are high quality, real and active. They will not drop and will stay on your channel for a long time span.




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