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Best Twitter Promotion Services

Twitter Marketing Services to Grow Your Business

Social media play a big role in promoting businesses. Many people have access to their mobile devices, so it is easier than ever to stay updated. In addition, wise people in business know how to leverage both traditional and modern marketing methods. While printed ads are still considered one of the primary promotion methods, plugging online also proves to be very helpful. Twitter is one of the platforms that people in business dedicate their time to in promoting, and it truly yields results.

Twitter ranks fifth in the top social media platforms today. Almost 145 million people take their thoughts to this platform every day, which means that many different niches can come across your business. While it is exciting to promote your business via Twitter, it is also important to be smart about tweeting. From the timing to handles to tweets, we got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the world of Twitter marketing in promoting your business.

Twitter Marketing Services to Grow Your Business

So, how do you utilize Twitter to promote your business? We got you. Read on to see the different approaches you can try to do this marketing strategy effectively.

Do-It-Yourself Approach

The first method that you’re going to read about is the Do-It-Yourself method. This approach helps cut down costs while maximizing the potential benefits of Twitter marketing. Here are some of the steps that you can follow.

1. Check your existing accounts or create a new one.

Does your business already have accounts for different purposes? Are there teams managing these accounts already? This step is where you would want to start. Sorting these things out is one way of auditing and documenting your business’ performance as well. What do you need to do specifically?

If there is an existing account, you may ask yourself and your team the following questions?

Does this account tweet very often?

Is it attracting potential customers?

Is there an increase in the followers' rate?

Asking these questions will help you identify how you can jumpstart or revive your accounts for marketing. Twitter has the so-called Twitter Analytics, which can help you look at the numbers to back up your answers to these questions. Another analytics tool that you can utilize is the Hootsuite Reports, which also shows you the metrics.

After identifying these things, you also have to make sure that part of your documentation is the overall look of your account. For example, is the header relevant to your current theme? Is the banner for the Christmas season still up, even if it’s already May? Check these things as well while you’re checking the numbers.

2. Setting goals the SMART way.

You might have heard of the SMART approach in goal setting. The SMART technique is applicable for a lot of things, and it surely includes Twitter marketing. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. To make your marketing effective, you may ask yourself and your team these questions:

“What is our main/specific target?”

“Can we use some tools to measure the performance, success, failure, etc.?”

“Is it realistic enough to pull off?”

"Is it relevant? Does it have a bearing or impact on our company's success rate?"

“Can we beat the deadline that we set for it?”

Merely "going viral" or "trending" is not enough. You need to back up these questions with data – figures, statistics, reports, analytics, and the likes – to determine if your plan is working or if you need a plan B.

3. Pay attention to the competition.

Twitter is a big universe. For sure, your competitors are also taking their business to the platform to promote their products, services and whatnot. With numbers and reports in your pocket, you will be able to plan out your next steps to make sure that you’re on top of your game. One key thing to pull this step off is to check your competitors’ accounts and pages every so often.

4. Distribute and assign accordingly.

Twitter is fast-paced. Some people go to it to tweet a random thought, rant, or idea. However, most people spend shorter browsing through the feeds, so you must be strategic to make sure that those short minutes count.

Ensure that every account has someone supervising it or every function (tweets, DMs, lists, fleets, etc.) has somebody taking care of it. Customers always appreciate quick responses from businesses.

5. Set guidelines for your team.

Uniformity is crucial to how you promote your Twitter page. Your business should have its identity, so the tone to be used, the manner of writing and responding, and the overall brand style should be "standard" according to the "presets" that you and your team will come up with.

Setting guidelines helps new members get on board easier as well since the things needed are already set.

6. Promote your Twitter page: Be active every day – use a content calendar.

If you google "content calendar", you will see a lot of useful resources. Although they vary in style and activities, they all agree on one thing: do something every day. This way, you can increase the traffic to your account, and since you're active online, the chances of your page being seen by people will significantly increase. Rule of thumb: the more active you are online, the longer your presence lingers.

These steps are fundamental steps that you can follow to use Twitter for marketing. As you go through the process every day, you and your team will learn more approaches that are tailor-fit to your business.

Twitter Marketing Services Online

Another approach you can try is to look for the best Twitter services online. For example, if you search "Twitter services 2021" on the internet, you will generate many results. Different providers offer this service, and this approach helps you save on time and energy. It is also recommended for businesses with money to spare for this purpose alone. So, how do these services work? We’ll answer that question in a bit.

Twitter marketing service online is a strategic method used to promote your Twitter pages on your behalf. Business owners find this method effective and efficient, especially if they have money to spare to hire a provider to do this work for them.

Twitter Services Online: What Provider Is the Best?

Choosing the best Twitter Services online is a personal preference. It depends on what you’re looking for. We have listed the common denominators of these providers that businesses find helpful:

It helps them save some time since marketing through Twitter is done on their behalf.

Reports are generated as well for the business owners to see how their marketing strategy is working.

Driving more "organic" or real accounts to follow the business' page

Not missing out on answering DMs since there is always somebody handling the account.

Again, there are a lot of providers offering these Twitter services in 2021. In terms of choosing the best Twitter services, it will be up to you who gives you what you need. Here are some suggested providers that might help you make your search easier:


If your business is under the categories of gaming, consumerism, retail, or e-commerce industries, LikiGram has your social media marketing needs. Your choices are not limited to these five, but at least you can get a picture of what you’re looking for if you decide to go for the best Twitter services.

Promote your Twitter page with LikiGram

Social media platforms are powerful in terms of growing a business. For example, Twitter is one of the platforms that have a big impact on the marketing of some businesses. Twitter has millions of daily active users, so it is a no-brainer that it is one of the tools to use to promote a business. However, it might also be a bit overwhelming since competitors would also roam around the same universe, so it is very important to be strategic in using Twitter and other social media platforms.

You may choose to do it with your team members and consider it as a DIY project, or if you have money to spare or allocated for this specific purpose, you may also opt to go for Twitter marketing services online to promote your Twitter page. Either way, we hope that your business thrives.




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