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As of 2020, Youtube is the biggest video sharing and streaming platform. Youtube has a 2 Billion audience that creates, watches and monetizes video content. It is a well-known fact that a lot of youtube users make money on Youtube today. Back in the golden era of youtube blogging a popular channel could earn $1000 per video with about 50000 youtube views. Nowadays earnings on youtube have dropped due to the new Youtube policy and frequent banhammer practices. However, it is still possible to make money on Youtube in 2020. Fact. Question is how good is your content and what is your niche and audience you focus on. If everything matches up well then you will receive good CTR, good advertising offers and eventually fair income. Estimating revenue on youtube might be difficult and require much time for calculations. Thus, Likigram provides you with special Youtube Money Calculator. This is a powerful tool to calculate money on youtube. It will work both for bloggers and businesses.

How to Calculate Youtube Income

This Youtube Money Calculator relies on the number of youtube views, number of youtube followers and your audience geography and niche you focus on. The tool also predicts possible CTR for your videos that will eventually convert into money from advertisements. So there are 3 major factors that influence your income on youtube:

  • Number of Views per video
  • Engagement Rate on your channel
  • View duration in percentage

To estimate your profit on youtube accurately you have to analyze these 3 metrics. This is exactly what our analytics tool does.

Free Youtube Analytics Tool

Likigram delivers great products and services for our dear customers. We care our clients and want them to use this Youtube Money Calculator for absolutely free of charge. Thus, this youtube analytics is absolutely free and you can try it multiple times.

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